Wounded Animals (Montreal)

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Montreal Mission History · Montreal Logs
Year 1 (2395-2396)
Flashpoint · Enemy of My Enemy· Wounded Animals
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Wounded Animals

  • Stardate 239604 - 239605


Having chased Lenik all the way from Meridian to Karakka, the USS Montreal seeks to find him and bring him to justice for his terrorist attacks, but a wounded animal is most dangerous when cornered...

Mission Summary

Upon arriving at Karakka, The Montreal’s Commanding Officer, Commander Mei’konda immediately ordered a scan of the planetary system, as well as contacting the planetary government. Stressing to his crew the importance of the mission, as well as how dangerous Lenik would be when cornered, he kicked off a flurry of activity.[1]. Immediately, the Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant German Galven, detected some suspicious activity among the mountain peaks of Karakka[2], and the Chief Helmswoman, Lieutenant Junior Grade Tiria Hamasaki noted that the two Klingon warbirds were on an unusual state of alert but had not challenged the Montreal upon arrival.[3]. They had just entered geosynchronous orbit, when weather satellites nearby exploded. Scanning revealed they had been embedded with antimatter mines to become crude bombs. Thankfully, due to the rapid actions of the Chief of Security, the ship took far less damage than was intended. [4]. In addition to this unpleasant surprise, there was still no contact from the surface. A possible explanation was found when Hamasaki dove into the automatic downloads to try and find a cause - and found that there had been a string of security incidents, and a coded alert being broadcast until a day before the Montreal's arrival.[5]. To investigate the surface, Commander Mei'konda dispatched an away team lead by Lieutenant Commander Rosek[6]

With the damage to the ship, Chief Engineering Officer Jacob Harkrow started dispatching teams to repair the shield emitters while casualties began to reach Sickbay. It was about this time that the new Medical Officer, Ensign Shelia Bailey, discovered that the floor was slippery, while Harkrow discovered traces of mucilage in the jeffries' tube[7]. It was discovered that it could have potentially been an experiment of Lieutenant German Galven.[8]. During this investigation, the away team, comprising of Crewman First Class Astrim Dito, Lieutenant Junior Grade Stennin, Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, Lieutenant Junior Grade Kawakame Shin, Ensign Miko Sirk and Crewman Second Class Muvyn Padix took a shuttle to the surface due to interference that made transporter use risky.[9]. During the shuttle's descent, Lieutenant Galven detected the crash site of the Miran's Tifar, and relayed it to the shuttle [10], and the away team swung to investigate it. What they did not know, is that it was a trap set by Lenik, who had dispatched a shuttle[footnotes 1] with Rilaw in command[11]

The ambush was successful, and after a brief fight, Lieutenant Commander Rosek was ambushed when the team was split up, and the ambushing party beamed up to their shuttle[footnotes 2][12]. During this, the ship discovered a tightbeam communication that was aimed at the asteroid field within the system. At about this time, the Montreal was no longer able to detect Rosek's life signs, and the Commander ordered full scans and contact, only to discover the jamming again.[13] The away team, still unaware of Rosek's abduction, was investigating the crater, only to find a Ferengi scavenger[14], who they began to interrogate. Due to the abundance of tetryon radiation, the away team supposed it could have been that rather than jamming.[15].

During this, the investigation into the source of the mucilage continued. Eventually, they found an organism and were attempting to investigate it. Upon hearing Lieutenant Galven's voice, it ran away, towards Sickbay.[16]. It was at this time the Montreal detected the shuttle containing Rosek running for the asteroid field, and while they immediately pursued, notifying the away team that they were on their own for the time being, they were unable to intercept before it reached the Belfast, the freighter that Lenik had hijacked. His demands were for a slipstream capable vessel to meet them just outside the Shoals, and he had taken hostages in order to get his demands fulfilled[17].

Meanwhile, in Sickbay, Doctor Solok, Lieutenant Harkrow and Ensign Sotak had converged to start investigating the unknown organism onboard the ship, with Lieutenant Harkrow attempting some linquistics to see they could communicate while Doctor Solok and Ensign Bailey examined the medical data in parallel approaches to investigating what the unknown organism was [18] while the bridge faced the unpleasant reality that they may have to kill the hostages and their first officer in order to safeguard the galaxy against the harm giving Lenik a slipstream capable ship could cause.[19]. Onboard the Belfast, Rilaw was threatening torture, before Lenik started to mind-meld with the captive Rosek. During this, the planet finally managed to establish communications with the Montreal, resulting in a rather.. awkward conversation[20], with the Karakkan militia reactivating their own defenses[21][footnotes 3]. It was at this moment that Lenik found a weakness in the Montreal's shield grid and fired, knocking it's weapons and engines offline, and began to board it, at the same time, he sent the ship into the planet as a suicide weapon.[22].

In Sickbay, the team there had established communications with the entity, which named itself Mivon say Siniun Nunviv say Fi Nahe say Roraemey Naf , when it had established a symbiotic communication with Ensign Bailey. Sadly, when the attack came, it was only to learn she may have to be evacuated.. which is what the entity wanted, anyway.[23].While Rosek, freed by Lenik not paying attention to what had happened to her, tried to evacuate the hostages, the crew on the ship began to fight off the boarding parties.[24]. It was at this moment when they realized the Belfast was on a suicide course, with an impact yield in the teratons, and without weapons or engines, the only thing they could do is tractor it and hope to get their weapons repaired in time.[25][26]

However, it became clear that the Montreal was too damaged to be spaceworthy, and the captain made the difficult decision to activate the self destruct and abandon ship in an effort to destroy the Belfast before it impacted.[27]. At the same time, Lenik had managed to gain access to the main computer core to download classified fleet data[footnotes 4]. Thankfully, a security detachment managed to kill Lenik, and the majority of the crew were able to escape. The Montreal's self-destruct successfully stopped the Belfast from impacting the planet.

The crew was transferred to Esperance, than Cait, where Mei'konda would face a court of inquiry to determine if court martial charges were warranted.



  • Lenik - A extremist of the Reya-Laialara. Died onboard the Montreal.
  • Rilaw - A Klingon working with Lenik. Sacrificed herself to help rescue the hostages.
  • General Eth'ek - Klingon general in charge of the Klingon warbirds
  • Eh'ilha Laworc - Klingon governor in charge of Karakka
  • Alan Hackett - Militia captain of Karakka


  1. Somehow, the Montreal's scanners failed to pick this up, as well as most of the conversations. This was most likely due to damage to the sensors.
  2. How the terrorist communications and transporter were working and the Montreal's were not suggests either a new kind of jammer, or that they were just extraordinary lucky or it had a specific moment of usability. SCE is still investigating these reports.
  3. Unlike the jury rigged bombs that the pirates had rigged, this turned out to be a covert test of defense satelites by the Klingon Defense Force. Starfleet Intelligence has begun to reverse engineer it, with the hope of making it available for worlds in dangerous sections of the galaxy
  4. How he could do this with access to just one person is completely unknown, and Starfleet Security has begun a rapid program of examining the access patterns and security of all ships