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Post Mission: Hvei'khenn

  • Location: Trillius Prime
  • Stardate: 239506.08

After blowing up an experimental warbird, the USS Gorkon rented itself out as a glorified taxi to gain some needed finances back in the ship coffers, ending up on the wonderful homeworld of the insane Trills.

The newest Counsellor to take on the perilous posting, Tasi enjoyed a cup of too sour tea, found an urge to cook then remembered she was a vegetarian, and invited Admiral Reynolds out for lunch (the most neutral of meals) instead.

Doctor Yiggtissi, the token Saurian, fended off being one with the great Lizard Light in the sky and recovered in Sickbay.

Smith received a parcel of supplies from his Grandmother, containing his homeworld Denobulan Loatac Cider, decided not to drink it in one night to bury the demons of his recent murderous escapade, and instead handed it over to Mek in the Crew Lounge, then ate pizza with Jang.

Meanwhile, Sevo took out her rage on the PADDwork a First Officer gets to do for fun after a mission, then elected to nip home in uniform for the spectacle.

Krugol took her time choosing what clothes to wear, deciding between pink and pink, made a mess in her Quarters, then took herself off for a delicious parfait to celebrate the carnage.

Lanta woke up shrieking, also waking up his neighbours, and tried to drink hot tea only to realise it's for Captain's only, and replaced it with hot chocolate.

Stoyer, being relatively hyped up on pain medication from Sickbay, was dragged out of Main Engineering by Mrs Stoyer for staring too intently at the "pool table" again.

The gymnasium saw a throw-down between older Marshall and younger Marshall, resulting in a required deed-poll submission from the bearded one and quintessential nagging doubt from the younger.

Their new Ensign D'fini didn't know where she was, which was handy for a Science Officer.

The Chief of Security Sera zh'Aella, the token Andorian, was caught between nightmare fuel and nightmare reality, having been given a spontaneous set of kidney piercings during the previous mission and decided a tattoo would look nice as well.

Sim elected to make an appointment with the Counsellor before she absconded for her own sanity, then ruined a nice walk in the Holodeck by playing golf.

Vondaryan recently released from IntelligenceHQ (or prison for acts of classy piracy, no one really knows) rejoined the ship as the ex First Officer and had mixed feelings about it.

Feeling a little less stabbed and more recovered, zh'Aella met up with Brooks for lunch (the most neutral of meals) to thank her for the quick patch-up on the warbird and offered her a job, most likely not scrubbing the Brig.

Lanta went for a physical with Sim and received a lollipop for having his knee lightly tapped.

Smith took his smuggled isolinear chip up to the Admiral after holding onto it the entire way to Trill, and was interrupted by D'fini invading the Admiral's office, to which said Admiral was not too impressed, longing for some time off from all the taxi-servicing, and slung them both out of her office under the guise of a suggested tour.

Yiggtissi's family turned up for a visit, stopped Admiral Quinn Reynolds, who already knew who they were (former Intelligence - well, no one is every really former Intelligence, you just don't do the paperwork for a while) in the shuttlebay, managed to get her to escort them to his Quarters with a "Surprise! I'm the boss!" moment and interrogated Yiggtissi's daughter for her future career plans so she could add it to the family dossier (that she totally doesn't have).

Tasi found somewhere for lunch (the most neutral of meals), met up with the Admiral, to then be interrupted by Vondaryan, who was hungry and looking for wine to sniff. Thus the epic situations will now be known as "Interruptus Admiralis".

Flannel-clad Marshall carried an axe through the ship to the Chief of Security's quarters, frightened several people in a turbolift, and got put "on a list". Said Chief of Security zh'Aella decided not to throw her in the Brig and changed into flannel too, making them the most unfashionable pair on the ship. They left, skipping and swinging axes merrily, while Kang the Penguin tried to start a socialist revolution.

Older bearded Marshall asked Nkai for a job in Operations, which Nkai wasn't too pleased about considering the guy's thoughts tasted like a fried shoe and cheese left in the sun.

Stoyer and Bjarnadottir-Stoyer took a subspace call from Lael Rosek, who was in a relationship, while her father was trying to set her up with someone else, while suffering from Al-Leyan Pon-Farr (who knew that was a thing? Well, it is.), while boyfriend can't help because he's not Al-Leyan, while fending off death due to being unable to get down with another Al-Leyan and fighting for custody for a kid (a rather quiet month, apparently).

Sim and new D'fini partook in a medical examination, of her not him, and prescribed some medication for stress, which means she'd be seeing the Counsellor before too long.

The resident Trills nipped home for some well-deserved family time. Sevo was summarily ticked off by her sister, which no one saw coming since her sister is usually delight incarnate, and it took all of two seconds for her Mother to ask for grandchildren, but she still got to show off her red collar and pips to the family.

Lanta's father made fun of his want for a symbiont (you know, the slug he wants in his belly) and he went to bed out of sheer harumph.

Meanwhile, Smith found Erin Reynolds in the crew lounge and thought it was a good time to invite her for a drink, to which she was reluctant because he killed a Romulan by using his thumb incorrectly.

Lanta's mother used Lanta as a music box, to which he was reluctant because piano is lame, but did so anyway because some girls dig pianists and there was one his mother was trying to set him up with.

MacFarlane and Krugol spent some time having a drink and swapping shore leave plans while MacFarlane pumped Krugol for local knowledge, while also plugging Scotland, while eating Scotch Pie. Some would think she was Scottish.

Lanta asked out his mother's proposed mating partner for a drink and ended up just being friends (probably because he didn't want to be remembered for being a pianist.. He hugged it out with his mother and father, then headed for the baths to get naked around unfamiliar Trills instead.

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