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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Junior Grade Groznin Smith

Lieutenant JG Groznin Smith is currently serving as a security/tactical officer aboard the USS Gorkon

Alternate Groznin Smith’s


  • Name: Groznin Smith
  • Age: 23
  • Species: 3/4 human 1/4 denoublan
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Height: 5ft 7

Known Languages:

  • Federation Standard (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Klingon (Fluent)
  • Ferengi (Basics)
  • Andorian (Basics)



Immediate Family

  • Parents
    • Mother: Frexal Smith (Human/Denobulan)
    • Father: Raymond Smith (Human)
  • Siblings: 1 younger sibling.

Extended Family

  • Grandparents:
    • Maternal Grandmother: (Human)
    • Maternal Grandfather: (Denobulan)
    • Paternal Grandmother: (Human)
    • Paternal Grandfather: (Human)
  • Great-Grandparents:
    • Maternal Great-Grandmother: Decri (known as Grams) (Denobulan)
    • Maternal Great-Grandfather: Drok (known as Gramps) (Denobulan)


Ferier was Groznins best friend at the academy, they often talked over subspace while posted on different ships but now serve on the Gorkon together so hope to make the friendship work on a more personal level. Since then their friendship has grown and they have enjoyed times together including jumping from a cruise ship into the sky and then parachuting to the ground below.

Groznin has since Told Erin how he feels about her and it didn't go very well, he was quickly told she didn't see him like that and he is currently unsure if they are friends or not.

Groznin met Karen during shore leave on Trill in which they both drunk together, Groznin accepted a date although he was drunk he still will go on the date but has since made it clear it is just as friends.


  • Old Earth pop culture

Chronological History

Before joining Starfleet

Born in London, England too StarFleet officers Raymond & Frexal Smith, Groznin a 3/4 human 1/4 denoublan never really fit in. He grew up moving from planet to planet as his parents got re assigned but spent most of his adolescence on DS9. While on DS9 he grew to know A Klingon Family well especially Upex son of T’Kula. He gained Upex’s trust and entered a blood oath to protect Upex’s son if anything was ever to happen to him and his wife. Sadly this became a reality, The rival Klingon House Of Morik killed Upex and his wife Apoll while they were travelling back to DS9 after a diplomatic mission for the federation.

Groznin’s parents didn’t like the fact that he had agreed to take Jang in, harbouring a deep-seated distrust and dislike of Klingons, after they lost close friends during the Klingon-Federation War of 2372-2373. Seeing their son's embrace of Klingon culture through the Blood Oath as a betrayal of their friends' sacrifice and memories, they disowned him. Despite this, Groznin held true, knowing that his friend Upex was respectable and honourable, such as many aboard DS9 thought of General Martok.

Groznin fulfilled his blood oath by adopting Jang, they moved back to earth, and lived with Groznins Denobulan great-grandparents. They realised what this meant to Groznin and what a blood oath meant, they wanted to help Groznin fulfil this oath he had took part in. Jang was enrolled in the Klingon school of honour on earth so he could still learn the ways of a Klingon as his parents would have wanted so when he’s old enough if he wishes he can join the KDF or StarFleet such as his adoptive father.

At Starfleet Academy

During his time in the Academy Groznin mainly focused on his security courses, but during his down time attended some of his friends Astronomy lectures as he was very much interested in Astronomy, after the first few lectures, the admiral in charge of the course went to Groznin and told him that he had potential but wouldn’t be able to continue going to her classes unless he formally enrolled in the Astronomy course. Wanting to continue going the various classes, he enrolled in the course and enjoyed attending it, to his surprise he finished the course earning himself a Major in Astronomy. He didn’t think he’d come out of the course with anything let alone a major so he was very pleased. The admiral who told him to join the course was even prouder Groznkn congratulating him herself personally.

First assignments

Groznin was originally posted to the Andaris Task Force to serve on the USS Blackwell. He made a few friends on board, nu didn't feel that he was serving on the right ship. he hadn't properly settled in and didn't fell comfortable where he was so decided to put in a transfer request. After a week or so his request was accepted and he was re assigned to the USS Gorkon. he felt bad for ferrying Jang all over the Galxay but felt it would be beneficial for him as well.

Joining the USS Gorkon

As soon a Groznin stepped aboard the Gorkon he knew he’d like it, it was much more spacious than the Blackwell and after checking the crew roster was pleased to find his friend from the academy Ferier Lanta was a member of the crew. When he eventually found him during shore leave aboard the Cloud skipper they instantly were talking about the academy and how they were friends to other members of the Gorkon. That same day they went to the jumping platform on the cloud skipper (where shore leave was taking place) and took part in a jump, it was an exhilarating expirence that Groznin wanted to take part in again some day. Jang also settled in well and plans to join the ships school, Groznin was welcomed as a crew member straight away which gave him a sense of belonging, this made him feel good about his career choice.

Groznins First Mission:

Groznins first mission was to the Planet Sikuna. A Romulan Colony world. He was apart of Commander Erin Reynolds away team, they went to what was called the verteron array. The point of the array was to perform multiple research taks. Other members of he away team included Lt. Tasha MacFarlane and Lt. Jocelyn Marshall. While searching the array for what they intended to go there for they discovered a room full of container these contained different types of liquids, they found out that they went into the ground and were slowly draining, the team then realised that they must be going somewhere. Of to the side past one of the tubes was a small hole in the ground big enough to fit down, checking the hole there was a bottom and the team decided to investigate.

When they were all down to the bottom of the hole safely they discovered a tunnel, slowly following the tunnel they discovered a console, trying to impress his seniors Groznin went straight over to the said console and tried to discover what was on it. What he didn’t realise was that next to him was a star ship hanger that held a Romulan Warbird. The Valor class D’delnor.

Very quickly to the teams surprise a group of Andorians quickly started to attack the away team, Groznin quickly ordered the rest of the team, as the only security officer in the team on a way that would be best to defend. Jo and Tasha covered each other and Groznin and Erin did the same. While it took a while and a small injury the team successfully took down the team, Groznin then proceeded to charge into enemy fire to try and divert the fire so that they could all be stunned. This didn’t go down well with the Commander. When he and Tasha searched the Andorians they found a patch on one of their arms, it was a mix between the Romulan and Andorian Imperial insignias. The team never did find out why that patch was there.

The team continued into the ship carefully, when they scanned the ship they found there was about a dozen or so Romulans & Andorians on board. The team realised they needed to take control of some systems on the ship so they could then eventually gain full control of the ship and stopping the threat to the Gorkon.

They procced to get to engineering, this was a key area in which they could take control of the key systems they needed. When they got there Engineering was deserted, this was a good thing as it meant they could work without being attacked or worse killed.

Groznin was tasked with finding out what weapons the ship had, the ship had all the normal weapons a hip would have phaser banks and torpedoes, among the regular weapons was a specialised weapon called the QT5 or quantum transfer Mk. V. the team never did fully figure out what the QT5 did, or did they use it in battle.

Groznin later helped Lt. Marshall with a task that would help the ship. He found it really interesting and although he hasn’t voiced it, he enjoyed it and hopes that he can help in engineering at more frequent opportunities. He hadn’t had a chance to help there before so he enjoyed the chance to help.

The team then watched as another away team consisting Of Lt. Sera zh'Aella , petty officer Brooks Gwinnett , Chief Cory Stoyer Ensign Emilia Krugol & Ensign Ferier Lanta beamed into engineering. This meant that the group now had the fire power to storm the bridge and take the D’delnor.

Splitting into smaller teams they took various positions around the bridge in maintenance tunnels and outside the turbo lifts. Taking position they all wait for a forcefield to drop. Storming the bridge Groznin and Ferier where two of the first on the bridge, Ferier took down a few of the Romulans and Andorians quickly, Groznin then pulled his phaser out but in the moment, he forgot to check what setting it was on, it clicked to kill and he shot his weapon. The Romulan then fell to the floor lifeless. Groznin then fell to the floor himself he didn’t know how to deal with what he had done. Commander Reynolds after seeing what he had done came over to him. She reassured him and told him to take the tactical console. He went to the console and took position performing all the tasks he needed to perform.

He checked the weapons, and told the crew what they had, 8 torpedoes. They needed another weapon, an unconventional one, Groznin had an idea.

He then came up with an idea to disable a pursuing Andorian Ship. He broke rank and ordered the crew around; his idea used the shuttles they had previously launched to try and take the ship out. He told Jo to connect to the shuttles computers to the D’delnor’s, he then asked Cory to set the warp cores to overload so he could then detonate them from his tactical console, this idea worked although he had referred to multiple senior officers by their first name. this wasn’t a good thing to do and he needed to think about what he said in the future.

With 20 seconds before the warbird self-destructed Groznin lowered shields so that the prisoners and injured Andorians & Romulans to the Gorkon. With the final 15 seconds remaining Groznin took an isolineaer chip from a console behind him as he did that his friend ferier was thrown from his console and injured. Moments earlier the same happened to the chief. Groznin inserted the chip into his Tactical console and quickly downloaded as much tactical information as he could. As it completed and he pulled it out the team was beamed out.

They were back on the Gorkon but many people were injured, Groznin helped the chief up and to sick bay, he got him onto a bio bed with Jo and then he got his own injuries seen to. It was a tough mission and a lot had happened. After this he went back to his quarters to fall asleep on his sofa with Jang next to him.

Shore leave after Sikuna Mission

During the shore leave after his first mission aboard the Gorkon, Groznin relaxed a lot, at the start he didn't do an awful lot, mainly just hung out with Jang. He had some drinks with friends including Erin Reynolds they talked about various things including groznins family in which she gave him some much needed advice. they shared a drink of Denobulan Loatc Cider. Taking Erin's advice he contacted his parents. his mother answered and still didn't want to know him. he did however find out about a younger sibling he now has. Although again he ddnt find out about much information about him as his mother clicked off as soon as he spoke. Later on during the shore leave the crew were treated to A camping trip on Trill during this Trip Groznin got very drunk with hus newly found friends, Sera zh'Aella, Genkos Sim and Karen Worthington the last of which has a crush on Groznin. they ate lots of marshmallows, he also taught Sera how to roast a marshmallow. on that same trip Groznin decided to tell Erin how he felt about her. He was quickly told she wasn't interested and their friendship is as of this point on a pinhead as to weather they can still be friends. after this he swiftly beamed to the Gorkon and stayed their till much later.

At the end of shore leave Admiral Reynolds gave out various awards, one of these was for Groznin the good conduct ribbon was awarded to him for helping take the bridge. Another Big thing happened during this shore leave Groznin was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant JG, it was a big shock but happily accepted. his best friend from the academy Ferier Lanta was also promoted along with Genkos Sim, a few of his other friends were promoted from their ranks to the one higher.

Mission In the Dream State

In the Dream state Groznin was a member of the Maquis, A fighter to be precise. During the time he was in the dream he helped the other members of the crew find out who had beaten a captured member of starfleet up. Groznin was a part of 'Red' (Ayiana Sevo's) team and were tasked with discovering information out about how it happened. along the way strange things too place, including dancing isolinear chips, unicorns and a yellow brick road. Red's team discovered a man called Bondon who was the man who beat the starfleet officer (Quinn Reynolds) up. Also on his team was Samira Neathler (Newbie) & Ferier Lanta (Sticks) They all were members of the Skarbek Maquis cell. They took pride in it and weren't happy to find the man who had beaten their captive. They tried many things to persuade him too talk but he didn't, He eventually left just as Groznin was going to try to make him talk himself but alas Bondon left the dream state. They then were transported to a beach in which they realised the dream state was ending. The Newbie saw a ship which Groznin immediately When he jumped through he was transported to the Gorkon.

He woke up in Shuttle bay 2 with Genkos Sim & Jocelyn Marshall They immediately discovered a type 9 shuttle with a huge dent into it. They then went to work checking logs, and reports to figure out what had ahppned. it was discovered that an Ensign Kian was part of a conspiracy. The Ensign had somehow got a device onto the ship that was found out to be the device that put the crew of the Gorkon to sleep. After discovering they got onto the Gorkon through a Type 11 shuttle piloted by Crewman Jackson, it suffered a impulse failure and caused a crash into the type 9. Groznin was then called to the bridge were he discovered through the admiral that the Kian symbiont was no longer in the trill they knew as Kian, it had been put in a stasis pod and left to die in the vacuum of space. Groznin along with Lt. Marshall traced tritanium which was potentially in the stasis pod. After they had re aligned the sensors Groznin started the search, he discovered the tritanium and gave the coordinates which Ensign T'Sal looked onto and then started going towards it at impulse speed. when they arrived the Stasis pod was there. Groznin quickly transferred the symbiont too sickbay and alerted them of its arrival. Afterwards he started a level 1 diagnostic on Security and Tactical & went to check on Jang while it ran.

Shore leave after the Dream state.

(To be added)

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png
Cadet First Class 239501.29 Graduated Starfleet Academy Security Officer
DS9style-ens gold.png
Ensign 239501.29 - 239522.02 Andaris Task Force: USS Blackwell Security Officer
DS9style-ens gold.png
Ensign 239502.22 - 239508.11 USS Gorkon Security/Tactical Officer
DS9style-ltjg gold.png
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239508.11 - Present

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards Special Xalor 2011.jpg
Xalor Clan Xifilis Award 239506.29
USS Gorkon
"One of Discord's regulars, Groznin Smith is filled with enthusiasm and friendliness, clearly taking immense joy in being a part of our community. What's remarkable is that he maintains that spirit of fun and good humour despite the numerous trips he has to make for medical appointments, most recently involving significant surgery to his leg. He's open and candid about his disability -- sharing the details and a few pictures of his medical journey -- and really quite humbling in the way he honestly discusses the difficulties he's experienced. For these reasons, like his nominators I believe he is more than deserving of the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award, and I'm proud to present it to him."
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 239508.11
USS Gorkon
Groznin was awarded the Good Conduct Ribbon for his services in helping Lt. Zh'Aella's team on the bridge of the D'delnor during the mission on Skiuna
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239501.29
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Academy Transcript

Groznin Smith/Academy Transcript

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