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IKS Goroth
Jang, Son of Upex
Position Engineer in training
Rank Mentee
Species Klingon
Gender Male
DOB 238108.15
Age 19
Birthplace Qo’nos

Jang Smith, Son Upex is currently serving as a Engineer in training aboard the IKS Goroth.


  • Height: Slightly smaller than a Klingon of his age
  • Weight: Slightly heavier than a Klingon of his age
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Average for a Klingon of his age.


  • Tasha MacFarlane - agreed to teach Jang how to Weald a Bat’leth, and use it correctly in battle
  • Ferier Lanta - Ferier is like an uncle to Jang, Ferier was there for Jang through his childhood while Groznin was attending the academy
  • Mek - Jang gets on well with his fellow Klingon and see's him as someone too look up too.


Born on Qo’nos in 2381 to parents Upex son of T’kula & Apol, Daughter of T’Rol, Jang, Son of Upex was bought up as a normal Klingon child. He learned to be a warrior, and to sing songs from victories gone by. His parents were stationed to DS9 for most of his childhood as diplomats for the federation, it was here he grew close with another young boy who was slightly older than him, Groznin Smith. Geoznin then became to know Jang’s father and the two grew such a bond that Upex entrusted Groznin with the life of his son and asked him to partake in a blood oath that Groznin would raise Jang if anything were ever to happen to him and Apol. Groznin accepted and was made a member of the House of Upex. A year later just before Gorznin was bound to leave for Starfleet Academy, Groznin was looking after Jang while Upex & Apol were away on a diplomatic mission, Groznin got word through the stations commanding officers that Upex’s ship had been destroyed and there were no survivors. Jang was then with the empires disapproval of Jang being raised by a non-Klingon but support that Groznin had decided to fulfil his blood oath they allowed for the adoption too take place. Jang then moved back to earth with Groznin and in with Groznins Great Grandparents who Jang instantly grew accustom too. They helped Groznin raise him while he was off at the academy.

He is now still living with Groznin aboard the USS Gorkon, but is starting to struggle with his cultural identity, he still wants to have the very human side of him that he grew up with through Groznin but doesn’t know much about the Empire and wishes to know more. Due to this he is taking his anger out on people he deep down knows are only trying to help him. Even to the point of telling Groznin he wished he was never adopted.