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Cadet First Class
Jackford Kolk
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Helm, Communications,
& Operations Officer
USS Centris-A

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Although he may not know it, Jack's training cruise was one of the most unique in the history of Starfleet Academy.

((Holodeck 1, Starbase 118))

Trix: ::Looking very puzzled:: Just one question. Why didn't my security detail dematerialise with the rest of the simulation?

::The newly-appointed ensigns all looked towards Trix's heavily armed security detail. The smaller of the group, a male human stepped forward and gestured for the rest of his colleagues to train their weapons on the bewildered cadets.::

Torentak: I think introductions are in order; you are due that much at least. My name is Captain Tornentak of the Terran Empire Starfleet. And I would like to thank you all for making this ::smiles:: all possible.

::Torentak looked to the floor and smiled once more as he called for the Arch.::

Torentak: Computer. Rerun the last simulation.

::Once more, the deck of the Centris sprang to life.::

Torentak: Do people in this universe know how similar transporter technology is to holodeck technology? It's all about reconstructing atoms, manipulating matter... all very simple really. The Terran Empire has been doing this for years!!

::He walked amongst the cadets. His strut denoted an air of arrogance that can only obtained from the spoils of victory. As he turned his attention toward Toli, Cadet Kolk covertly tapped a command into his console calling Starbase Security to the Holodeck.::

Torentak: Toli, my Pakled friend. Your medical records where indeed correct, but only from our universe. And Jackford, the man who had such a brilliant career ahead of him, your space-time eddies are in fact multi-dimensional transporter devices with our ships just waiting to come through.

::Kolk quickly prepared a briefing of the situation for the Starbase Command Staff, specifically suggesting the Engineering Staff work (quickly) on flooding the surrounding area with anti-tachyons to counter-act any of Torentak's multi-dimensional ship-transporters. Torentak stopped in mid-gloat when he noticed unexpected visitors on Alexander's console. Starbase Security was on its way, 6 guards.::

Torentak: ::Motioning to his friends:: You, set to kill. ::Looking over all the ensigns' faces:: And you... which one of you was feeling brave just now?

::Kolk swiftly cleared the messages from his console before Torentak could see them.::

Kolk: oO I don't know if this is real or not, but... at least it's not as boring as waiting for my next assignment in my quarters. Now... if it is still only on the holodeck, we need to counter the eddies here too. And of course Mr. 'Takky and his friends here... Why does this seem so much more fun now that it might actually be real? Oo

::Smiling, he had an idea.::

Kolk: Hey Rho, ever play... tackle football? oO I wonder if she can move as fast as she can think... Oo

::With no further warning, he leapt at one of the Imperial Guards. Rho chose another and lunged ahead. They were facing a number of armed foes, who were ready, able, and more then willing to kill them all. They were all unarmed. As he struggled with the guard nearest him, Kolk saw Cadet Falcon's body morphing out of the corner of his eye. Her skin grew darker, getting a grey sheen as she brought her armor on-line. She whipped her elbow around to smack into the guard's head, knocking him out cold. Rho landed, her foot shooting out to strike another guard in the face.::

Kolk: oO I knew I could count on her. Oo

::Having knocked the guard on his back, Kolk clasped his hands and swung full-force at the phaser rifle in his hands, but the guard was ready for that. He tightened his grip on the rifle and forced it up against Kolk's swinging arms. The sound of bones cracking filled the air as the guard's blow crushed one of Kolk's wrists. But the guard wasn't done. He let Kolk fall foward onto him and then threw him to the bulkhead with a backward sommersault. Kolk's head struck the bulkhead hard. Then, with a quick roll to one side, the guard aimed his rifle and fired. The energy beam seared the air, filling the bridge with the smell of ozone, and struck Kolk's already limp body hard in the chest, vaporizing him on the spot.::

::Suddenly there was a flash of light and Torentak and his men disappeared, and Cadet Kolk's unconscious body appeared in a ball on the floor amid the Centris' bridge. Above him, in front of the viewscreen, stood a tall, balding man...::

Q: Hello, my young friends! Well done! Well done!

::No one spoke, they were all too shocked.::

Q: The name's Q! Perhaps you've heard of me? ::He waited briefly for a response, but didn't get one.:: No? What is the Academy teaching you young people today? ... No matter. ::turning to Rho:: Now, I wonder, little lady, if you know how intriguing we in the Continuum find you and your bird "clan." You're really nothing like that Data fellow--although I did rather like him... No, you have much more... potential...

Rho: What about Kolk? Is he all right?

Q: Oh, don't worry about him. He'll be just fine. This was really just a test for you, Rho. He and the others won't remember any of this! Nothing, after those two old dullards shut down the program and walked off. But you... Just remember this, my dear: the Q will be watching you...

::Another flash of light and everyone on the holodeck returned to where they had been just before Lt. Dickens said...::

Dickens: Computer, end simulation.

::The Bridge, along with the security detail Trix had ordered to it, dissolved and the cadets, along with Lt. Commander Turner and Lt. Dickens were left on the gridded holodeck.::

Dickens: Good work everyone. Your evaluations will be ready soon and those of you who pass will receive your assignements. Until then I suggest you relax...

::After Dickens and Turner had left the holodeck, the cadets began talking amongst themselves.::

Kolk: Uh, normally, I'd say we finish the mission, but... I just got a sudden urge for some Aldeberan Whiskey. Anyone care to join me in the Academy lounge till our orders come in?

Turner: ::The Lt.Commander's voice echoed from the corridor.:: Aldeberan Whisky? Sounds good to me. Drinks are on me. ::She grined, seeing the surprised look on their faces as she leaned back around the door frame.:: Don't you know that big brother (sister in my case) is always watching?

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