SIM:Lt. Jackford Kolk - Out of the Frying Pan and Into Sarah's Arms

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Lieutenant J.G.
Jackford Kolk
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Chief Engineer
USS Ronin
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On an unfamiliar dance floor, an office rivalry turns into something more... or does it?

((Bear's Den, USS Ursa Major - Stardate 238501.20))

Kolk: It's such a lovely song, Ensign. Dance with me... That's an order.

Reed: ::smirking:: Pure genius that was; too bad I can't dance, Lieutenant.

Kolk: Oh, I think you can manage. You're a very versatile officer.

::Dragging her out onto the dance floor, he smiled wolfishly at the other couples. Loosening his grip just a touch, he slid his hand down her arm until he had her hand in his and then spun her until they were in a dancing position. Their feet started moving and Sarah kept looking around as if she were afraid to be seen with him. Jack, on the other hand, didn't care one way or another. He wasn't about to let her go on humiliating him...::

Kolk: oO ...even if she is the most attra--Hold on! Where did that come from!? I'm not interested in-- Oo

Reed: So… What's this about? I can't be the only woman not dancing in the room.

Kolk: Well, I just think, if we don't clear the air now, one of us might destroy the ship in an attempt to one-up the other. And we wouldn't want that, now, would we, Sarah?

Reed: ::She smiled, completely innocently.:: You just can't take it that I out-did you immensely.

Kolk: ::He glared at her, then said sarcastically,:: No. Of course not. ::He paused.:: So, let's start at the beginning. What, exactly, possessed you to have the computer put kippers in my chocolate milk?

::She thought for a moment and he thought he saw a flash of fear in her eyes. ...or was it fear?::

Reed: You're the ACEO, if you can't take the heat, step away from the warp core.

Kolk: Are you challenging my ability to lead? If we were Klingon, that would warrant a duel to the death.

::She looked up into his eyes with all the bite of a bulldog. He stared back with a fire that could outlive a star.::

Reed: Just admit you lost and we'll call it quits.

Kolk: 'I have not yet begun to fight.'

Reed: Then we're going to be dancing for a very long time.

::She slid her hand up to his shoulder and toyed with his collar, moving that little bit closer.::

Kolk: What's this, Sarah? A new tactic?

::He sounded as strong and challenging as he had a moment ago, but inside he was beginning to wonder: was there more to this fight than just one-up-manship? What was the real reason she'd started it? For some reason he was reminded of a boy and girl teasing each other on a playground.::

Reed: I'm sure it's nothing you can't handle, Lieutenant.

::He wasn't sure he could trust her, but he couldn't deny the alure she had, holding him that close. He was tempted to lean in and whisper in her ear. Hell, he was tempted to lean in and kiss her. But she was his subbordinate.::

Kolk: oO Of all the reasons to be careful, that's the first one to pop into my head? Oo What's the real reason you kippered my chocy, Sarah?

::There was less edge in his voice this time; it wasn't a challenge. He really just wanted to know. As close as they were now, he couldn't help but take a good long look at her. Her face, her eyes, her lips... those lips... those succulent, juicy--he had to stop this! Look elsewhere, man! He tried her hair. A strand was out of place. Before he knew it he was tucking it behind her ear. And then his eyes met hers. They were so beautiful, so intense yet welcoming. It felt like time stopped and he could've found himself floating off the floor without it bothering him. All that mattered was the look in her eyes. Then, slowly, the moment changed. Her hand covered his and she stepped backward, smiling to herself, almost sadly. The distance between them slowly filled with questions. What did that little smile mean? What was she thinking? Then she kissed the back of his fingers and walked away. The tiny chill on his fingers left by that kiss woke his mind to a new rush of questions, with one recurring more than any other: What the smeg had just happened!?::

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