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Jackford Kolk
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Flight Operations
Deck Officer
USS Ronin
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Lieutenant J.G.
Communications Officer
USS Ronin
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An alien energy being causes Jack and Valis to experience Home more profoundly than ever before.

((Bridge, USS Ronin - Stardate 238503.08))

Walker: =/\= This is Lieutenant Commander Ben Walker of the USS Ronin, contacting Comm Relay. Please respond. =/\=

Anassasi: =/\= Commander Walker! Report, what is your status? Are the Independence and Ursa Major with you? =/\=

::Lt. Valis instantly felt a vague sense of excitement at having made contact with the Admiral. Hope. An understandable and controllable emotion--or was it a state of being?--but also a tenacious one. She let the feeling warm her, but stopped it from staining her face with a smile. Emotions were emotions and had to be reasoned away, but, sometimes, she allowed the pleasant ones to linger for a while before pushing them to the back of her consciousness.::

Walker: Lieutenant, send the following to everyone on-ship, and to the Independence and Ursa Major.

::Valis simply nodded and complied. Anything more would be inefficient. Secretly, though, she eagerly anticipated the time when the formality of informing everyone was over and they could dive into the wormhole and head home. She had been away from Vulcan for too long, and being thrown millions of light-years from it had brought that fact to the fore.::

Walker: =/\= Attention. This is Commander Walker of the USS Ronin. We have regained contact with Wheeler. Please be ready to act calmly and quickly as we prepare our plans to return home. =/\=

::Home... Vulcan. Valis caught herself longing to return, and cut the thought off. Unfulfilled desire was far too powerful an emotion to leave unleashed for any period of time, no matter how innocuous it might seem.::

Walker: Ok, put me back on to the comm relay. =/\= Both are functional, the Ursa Major has had intermittent power and system failures, the Independence and Ronin are suffering from a mass of micro-fractures. And we've got two alien fleets off our bows asking for a potential political refugee. Fairly normal situation, Admiral. =/\=

::Valis raised her eyebrow, not so much at the comment itself as at the human propensity to ignore the seriousness of nearly every situation in favor of joviality. It was not logical. Yet, somehow, it did not often seem to adversely effect their productivity as she would have expected.::

Anassasi: =/\= I don't know how long we can keep the wormhole open, Commander. Contact the other ships and head on home. =/\=

::Concern and worry were obvious in the Admiral's voice. If this failed, they were stuck on the Galactic Rim of who knew which quadrant.::

Walker: =/\= We're on it, Admiral. Ronin out. =/\= ::Valis switched the channels in response to a glance from him.:: =/\= Walker to Chen, Riley. Looks like the door is open folks, we've just got to step through it. =/\=

Chen: =/\= Are you sure? Just like that? =/\=

Riley: =/\= It would appear so... Let's go home. =/\=

Walker: =/\= Ok, Chen, you have the least commitments, and the most damage. You go through first. Riley, what's the status on your guest? =/\=

Chen: =/\= My Tactical officer just jettisoned out a live torpedo. Our coils malfunctioned thanks to the power losses. Be advised it is live and out there. =/\=

Riley: =/\= Understood, Commander Chen. Engineering and medical are working on recharging the alien. =/\=

Valis: I'm reading a massive energy signature emanating... from the Independence's Engineering hull, but it has expanded beyond the ship and continues to do so. It will reach us in... 81 seconds.

Walker: =/\= All hands, brace for impact! =/\=

Kolk: =/\= Kolk to Bridge. Captain, should I order the fighters to withdraw to the wormhole? We can't expect it to be open forever... =/\=

Walker: =/\= Get them through, Mr. Kolk. No idea if that wave is going to destabilize things. Get them through NOW! =/\=

((Flight Operations Center, USS Ronin))

Kolk: =/\= Aye, Sir! =/\= ::A few taps and the line was cut and a new one open, transmitting to the outside galaxy.:: =/\= Flight Ops to all Squadrons! Head for the Wormhole at all possible speed! All other orders are rescinded! I repeat, head for the Wormhole at all possible speed! =/\= ::Another tap, the line was closed.:: Kipps, Tansen, send the same message to all their computers. The only way-point I want in any of those cockpits is the event horizon of that wormhole!

::As they were responding, a wave of blue energy washed over the whole room. At first, it felt cold, but the next thing Jack knew, he was in his childhood home, playing with his sister and brother, both his parents watching. His father and sister had never died, and he and his brother had never become estranged. All was as it should have been. Or at least, that's how it felt. Only... it was ten times more perfect. He felt more loved than he could ever have hoped to feel, more happy than any relationship had ever made him, and more hopeful than any night spent staring out at the stars had left him. This was home! Content and loved, with all the galaxy at his fingertips to be explored freely! ... Or was it? Was he home? What was happening? Someone told him that they were sending him home. But hadn't he already been gifted with being home? Wasn't that what this was?? Wasn't this--?::

::Suddenly it was gone. The certainty of that joy was gone. The tangible sensation of being home among the stars had left him. But somehow, it had made him stronger. Somehow, he was more thrilled to be alive than ever before. He knew he might never feel that true peace and joy again until he died, but life was only ever supposed to be a sojourn anyway, a nomadic travail designed to prepare us for our real Home. He'd believed it all his life, but he never believed it more than at that moment.::

::He smiled, looking around the F.O.C. with the eyes of a child. Life was so beautiful and exciting! And he had an important part to play.::

Kolk: Report.

((Bridge, USS Ronin))

::When the wave hit Valis, she almost felt as if she were floating. Floating on the wondrously humid breezes of her home in Han-Shir Province. She no longer longed to be home, for home was all around her. And all around her, the intricacies of naturally nuanced mathematical formulae opened themselves to her mind at her whim. Unexplained subspace variances, improvised musical harmonies, even the seemingly incomprehensible nuances of verbal communication laid themselves bare, revealing all the glorious beauty of their mathematical simplicity without effort. It was... Perfection. Bliss. Sha Ka Ree of the soul.::

Walker: Is everyone ok? ... Commander? ::More softly:: C.. Cara?

::Normally, Valis would've heard the acting Captain's concern for LtCmdr. Maria and gone to help, or at least not bothered to answer the broader question that came before it, but, even now that the sensation had left her, she found it difficult to return to her normal placid state.

Valis: ::Fighting to keep a contented smile off her face:: I am... unharmed.

::Commander Walker may not have heard her, but it did not matter. She was glad to be ignored for a few more moments as she attempted to collect herself again.::

Walker: Find out... =/\= Kolk. Did the fighter's get through in time? =/\=

Kolk: =/\= It seems we all did, Captain. Some of the pilots have reported a fourth starship and Wheeler on sensors. Don't ask me how, but that wave must've pushed us through. I'm getting all our craft back on the Flight Deck, but it's gonna take some time. =/\=

Walker: =/\= That's something at least. =/\= Lieutenant, get medical up here.

Valis: A-- ::She cleared her throat.:: Aye, sir. It... should be noted, however, that if the Bridge is any indication, it may take some time for them to--

::Frustration had clearly overwhelmed him as he barked back.::

Walker: I don't care if they have to crawl on hands and knees to get here... get them up here immediately.

Valis: oO Fascinating. His concern for the Commander seems to have overridden whatever joy the... presence must have filled him with. Admirable. Oo Yes, sir.

Walker: Get me a link to the other ships.

::Valis complied with both orders simultaneously. Her control was rebuilt once again, but a part of her was sad to have shut off that joy and contentment. Though, it would never be forgotten. She looked forward to revisiting it in meditation.::

Walker: =/\= Walker to Commander Chen, Commander Riley. What was that wave? And what's your status? =/\=

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