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Jarod (Kolk) Teka
Math Teacher

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Jarod Teka is the brother of Lieutenant Commander Jackford B. Kolk. He wrestles with feelings of xenophobia and helplessness because of his father's death on Starbase 211.

Personnel File

Full Name: Jarod Francis Teka
Maiden Name: Kolk
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 2365105.13
Age: -21251
Place of Birth: Sickbay, Starbase 211, Universe 107-LS9
Rank: N/A
Duty Post: Calculus Teacher
Location: Betazed
  • Father: Robert Benjamin Kolk
    • Date of Birth: 232202.05
    • Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, Earth
    • Occupation: Starfleet Officer
    • Date of Death: 236210.24
    • Place of Death: Starbase 211
  • Mother: Elisabeth Marie Kolk
    • Maiden Name: O'Shea
    • Date of Birth: 232311.27
    • Place of Birth: Killarney, Ireland, Earth
    • Date of Death: 238408.14
    • Place of Death: Seattle, Washington, Earth
LCARS ACCESSED: Stardate 239505.27


  • Name: Max
    • Species: Terran Feline
    • Note: Missing, last seen on Deep Space 17.


  1. Stardate 235105.13: Born, Starbase 211
  2. Stardate 236210.24: Cardassian renegades attack Starbase 211. Jarod witnesses an explosion killing Robert and Samantha Kolk.
  3. Stardate 236211.01: Elisabeth, Jarod, and Jackford move to Earth to live with Robert's brother, Frank, in Seattle.
  4. Stardate 237909.01: Jack enters Starfleet Academy and Jarod stops speaking to him.
  5. Stardate 238404.16: Recieves message from Jack. Considers responding, but doesn't know what to say.
  6. Stardate 238408.12: Mother Elisabeth is on her death bed. Jarod sends the simple message: "Mom is dying. Come home." to Jack.
  7. Stardate 238408.14: Elisabeth dies of natural causes. Jack is late, but Jarod decides to let it go; he decides to let it all go: his anger at Starfleet, at all aliens, at life in general, at God...
  8. Stardate 238408.16: Leaves Earth to live on Deep Space 17 where he can see his brother from time to time.
  9. Stardate 238604.06: Deep Space 17 is bombed by Grendellai and Ixvapyan forces. Jarod panics and books passage on a Ferengi ship along with a hundred others fleeing the station.
  10. Stardate 238612.25: Marries Kateri Teka on Starbase 211 and moves to Betazed following the honeymoon on Risa.

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