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Jackford Kolk
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Engineering Officer
USS Ronin
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Jack's first encounter with his Captain was one that neither of them would soon forget.

((Ensign's Quarters, Deep Space 17))

::Martin was off working Tactical on the station, and Jack was sitting alone in his quarters reading reports about the Ronin again. He finished reading through the damage reports the station had received that morning from the Ronin.::

Kolk: Hull breach on deck 6. Damage to science labs and Sickbay. Type X Phaser Arrays, Impulse Engines, the Warp Core... ::He whistled:: I'm gonna be busy...

::He put the PADD on the desk and looked up at the wall, trying to think what he would do next while waiting for his ship to come in. He sighed deeply. He couldn't put it off any longer.::

Kolk: Computer, add the following to outgoing message for Jarod Ko--

::He was interrupted by the familiar chirp of the station's communications system.::

Peters: =/\= Station Command to Ensign Kolk, this is Ensign Peters, Communications Officer. =/\=

Kolk: Belay that, Computer. ::He tapped his commbadge, smiling to himself:: oO Saved by the Comm Officer... Oo =/\= Go ahead. =/\=

Peters: =/\= The Ronin has arrived. She's entering dry-dock as we speak. Shall I--? =/\=

::Jack was ecstatic. He bolted out of his chair and ran out the door and down the corridor toward the Transporter Room.::

Kolk: =/\= Thank you, Ensign! Tell them I'm on my way! =/\=

::He could barely contain his excitement. It was here! His ship was here! He rounded a corner at high speed and trampled a Lieutenant in a gold uniform, knocking him to the ground.::

Storos: Hey! Watch where you're going, *Ensign!*

::The man called after him. Jack couldn't stop himself, though. He just called back and kept on running.::

Kolk: Sorry, Sir!

::Moments later, Jack nearly crashed into the door of the transporter room. He put his arm out to stop himself and then leaned against it to catch his breath a tiny bit before the door opened. He stepped in heavily, and tried to talk to the woman on duty, but he couldn't get anything out, so he just leaned against the wall and breathed... a lot. The Lieutenant, Marianna Shiner, looked over at him and smiled widely, checking him out::

Shiner: ::laughing:: Don't hyperventilate, Ensign, or you won't make it to wherever it is you're trying to go.

::Jack lifted his hand up, trying to let her know he was all right and that he would speak as soon as he could, obvious though that was.::

Kolk: ::panting:: I... beam... Ronin...

Shiner: ::laughing harder:: I think you might want to go back to your quarters and put some pants on first, Ensign. Hold, on though. Your new CO is about to beam over. I'm sure she'll love meeting you like this....

::Immediately, Commander Idril Mar materialized on the transporter pad, took one look at the young Ensign and broke out laughing.::

Mar: Mind if I join you, gentlemen?

((Twilight's Edge, Deep Space 17 - Wake up, Ensign!))

::Martin shook Jack, who picked his head up off the table and tried to figure out where he was... He looked around groggily as he slowly remembered that Deveraux had followed him out into the hall when he'd left and talked him into staying for another little while. Not long after, Jack had fallen asleep at the table.

Kolk: What? Oh, uh... sure. ::He looked at the Trill curiously:: oO She looks familiar... Oh, no! Here!? Now!? Oo

::The Commander sat down on the opposite side of the table from the two men.::

Mar: So where are you two stationed?

Deveraux: Right here, on DS-S-S-S17! Tactical division!

Kolk: oO Should I tell her? I was just sleeping... in a diner! At least I'm wearing pants... I think. Oo

::He discreetly moved his hand down to check his legs.::

Kolk: oO Yes, I am wearing pants. Good. Oo Uh... The USS Ronin. I'll be in Engineering.

Mar: The Ronin, huh? Heard anything about the Ronin's new CO?

::Jack took a sip of the chocolate milk he'd ordered before conking out--straight this time, no vodka. It always helped him feel more relaxed. Plus, it gave him a moment to think.

Kolk: oO So... she wants to play it that way. At least I know she's got a sense of humor. Oo Not too much. I've heard she's Trill--like you, Sir.

::He saw the momentary flash of discomfort on her face::

Kolk: Sorry. Do you prefer Ma'am? I know she's young; well, her current host, that is. I think someone said something to me the other day about bribing an admiral to get her own ship before she made Captain... ::he smiled playfully:: What about you, Marty? Heard anything about her?

Deveraux: I heard she was a Trill, too! I knew a Trill once. He was my friend. Then he got Joined. Then he wasn't my friend anymore. He said once he was Joined we couldn't hang out anymore...

::A sad smile appeared on Marty's face. Then he brightened up and looked at the new Trill at the table.::

'Deveraux: I also heard she's a bit of a babe! And she breaks rules a lot! You think it's-s-s true, Jacky?

Kolk: Well, I don't know. It could be true, but even so, you've gotta admire her for knowing what she wants and going for it... Even if she did do it illegally. Besides, it's the Admiral who should be ashamed for taking the bribe. I mean, it doesn't say much for the Admiralty, does it?

::Jack's smile widened slowly. He wondered if she could tell yet that he knew who she was. Marty glanced from Jack to the Trill, obviously confused.::

Deveraux: Deveraux: ::slowly:: Wooow. Bribes and Adrumals...

Mar: It might have just been a gift and the Commander was going to get the promotion anyway.

Kolk: Good point. I mean, I plan to be a captain one day, too. But I want to get there the right way. I'd never bride or flatter my CO just to get a promotion. Just do my best. Don't you think that's the way do it, Commander *Mar*?

::He smiled slyly.::

Kolk: oO I hope I haven't just ended my career. Wouldn't that be a fantastic Starfleet record? "Ensign Kolk: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, Stardate 238402.08, assigned to USS Ronin thereafter. Dishonorably discharged from service, Stardate 238402.18, for slandering his Commanding Officer before reporting aboard ship." Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted. Boring, but fun...-ish. Oo

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