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For the counterpart native to this universe, see Kolk, Jackford.
USS Columbia
Nebula class
Commanding Officer: Benjamin Livingston
LtJG Jim Kolk Science.png
Science Officer
James T. Kolk
  • Lieutenant J.G. James Tiberius Kolk:
    PNPC - Stardates 238403.28 to 239109.13
    PC - Stardates 239109.14 to 239112.16
    • Science Officer

An incredibly resourceful and ingenious man with extensive experience in both Science and Engineering, as well as a love for history, Jim Kolk has worked hard to overcome a highly regrettable past.

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Lieutenant J.G.
James T. Kolk
Jim Kolk Blue.png
Science Officer
USS Columbia
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Personnel File

Full Name: James Tiberius Kolk
Nickname(s): Born Jackford Benjamin Kolk; previously known as "Evil Jack"; used the alias Henry Jackal from Stardates 238801.20 to 238806.10
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 236106.30
Age: 39
Place of Birth: Sickbay, Starbase 211, Universe 107-LS9
Rank: Lieutenant J.G.
Duty Post: Science Officer
Assignment: USS Columbia NCC-85279
Jim as Spock on the Holodeck
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hand Prefence: Right
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style(s): Sometimes long and wavy, sometimes a bit shorter; almost never buzzed.
Facial Hair: Sometimes clean shaven, sometimes stubble, sometimes bearded; always changeable.

Skin Tone: Pale
Build: Thin & fit
Tattoo(s): The words "Brethren of the Ronin", on his left bicep. (Those who were members of the command staff of the USS Ronin on Stardate 238510.31 believe this tattoo to be on Jackford Kolk's bicep, but they unknowingly branded his alternate instead.)
Carriage: Walks with purpose
Poses: Often leans against walls and crosses arms.
  • Father: Robert Benjamin Kolk
    • Date of Birth: 232202.05
    • Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, Earth
    • Occupation: Starfleet Officer
    • Date of Death: 236210.24
    • Place of Death: Starbase 211
  • Mother: Elisabeth Marie Kolk
    • Maiden Name: O'Shea
    • Date of Birth: 232311.27
    • Place of Birth: Killarney, Ireland, Earth
    • Date of Death: 238408.14
    • Place of Death: Seattle, Washington, Earth
LCARS ACCESSED: Stardate 239301.06


  • Habbits:
    • Prays Lauds (aka Morning Prayer) before his shift every day, and Vespers (aka Evening Prayer) after his shift every day.
  • Quarters:
    • On Deck 9
    • In a corner of the livingroom stands a small table, covered in a white cloth. Atop the table, on the viewer’s left, stands a statue of the Blessed Virgin, with the Child Jesus in her arms, and on their right a statue of St. James the Just, his right hand raised to give a blessing and in his left a book representing the Book of James in the Bible.

Areas of Expertise

The following fields are just a few of the areas in which Jim has a wide breadth of practical experience.

  • Engineering:
    • Holography
    • Transporters
    • Weapon Systems
  • Science:
    • Multi-Dimensional Physics
    • Subspace Physics
    • Warp Field Theory

Starfleet Career

  • Current Rank: Lieutenant J.G.
  • Post: Science Officer
  • Ship: USS Columbia

Mission History

  • USS Columbia:
    • "Settle for Less" - Stardates 239109.22-23911_.__

Full Mission Summaries Here

New Professional History

Service History After Release
Rank Dates Assignment Post
Event: Official Name Change & Release 238906.30 Changed name to James Tiberius Kolk, reinstated as Starfleet Officer, reduced to Ensign.
Probationary Ensign 238907.01 - 239006.30 Starbase 211 Science Officer
Ensign 239007.01 - 239107.31
Lieutenant J.G. 239109.07 - 239109.13
239109.14 - Present USS Columbia

Prior History

Jim was born in space--the medical bay of Starbase 211, between Betazed and Cardassian territory--and was given the name Jackford Benjamin Kolk, but he only lived in space for a year and four months. Shortly after his father and older sister died in a Cardassian attack, he, his eldest brother, and his mother left the Starbase to live on Earth. They were taken in by his uncle on his father's side, who lived in Seattle, WA. From that time on, his brother Jarod refused to ever travel anywhere again, despising all technology and Starfleet especially for "killing" their father. Jim, however, dreamed of the stars from very early on, and loved traveling all over Earth. They had an uncle, Frank, on their mother's side, who lived and taught in Oxford whom Jim would visit nearly every summer from about the age of three on until graduating from Starfleet Academy. Uncle Frank pulled some strings to get Elisabeth a teaching position at Oxford University, but she declined the opportunity because of Jarod's absolute refusal to travel. Instead, she began teaching at a local high school and eventually became the principal of the school. Jarod tought mathematics there until Elisabeth's death, tending to avoid applying his skill in mathematics to anything warp-related, although he did teach basic warp-field mathematics because the school board required him to. The brothers hardly spoke to each other at all, though their mother always tried to encourage each of them to "reach out" to the other. Jim was always a bit closer to both of his uncles than to his mother, though he tried to send her regular updates on his life while at the Academy. When their mother died, however, Jarod finally honored her wishes for them to become closer by moving to Deep Space 17 so that he and Jim could see each other. In the alternate universe of Jim's origin, he was killed when the station was stacked by Gorn shortly after he moved there.

Jim's first experience with "romance" was at age 8. While visiting his uncle Frank alone during summer break, an older girl (9-years) named Sandra McKenna decided it would be exciting to kiss a non-Earth-born Human and so set her sights on young Jack. He evaded her for many weeks, but 3 days before he scheduled return to Seattle, she cornered him in a secluded section of the historical University of Oxford Botanical Gardens and laid a wet one on him. After she let him up, he wiped off his wet lips and ran off crying.

While Jim was in the Academy, he dated several female students, but none seriously. Upon graduation and assignment to Deep Space 17, he found himself embroiled in a war and interpersonal conflict, leaving no time for romance. Deeply traumatized by the calamitous Gorn War in his native universe, he accidentally made his way into ours, causing havoc for years until he was apprehended by his local universe alternate, Cmdr. Jack Kolk. Finally admitting to extreme psychological trauma, LtCmdr. Valis assisted the two in a bridging mind meld. Following the meld, he was admitted to psychological care at Starbase 211 and later chose to change his name to James Tiberius Kolk when restored to commission as a Starfleet Officer.

For more on this time, see this detailed record.

A Brief History from Academy to Capture & Rehabilitation
Rank Dates Assignment Post
Cadet, 4th Class 237909.01 - 238007.31 Starfleet Academy,
San Fransisco,
Major: Engineering
Double Minor: Astronomy & History
Cadet, 3rd Class 238009.01 - 238107.31
Cadet, 2nd Class 238109.01 - 238207.31
Cadet, 1st Class 238209.01 - 238307.31
238308.01 - 238309.13 USS Centris-A
Event: Gorn War Escallation 238309.13 Training Cruise Cut Short
Ensign 238309.14 - 238310.04 Deep Space 17 Engineer
Lieutenant J.G. 238310.05 - 238402.24 Assistant Chief Engineer
Lieutenant 238402.25 - 238404.11 Chief Engineer
Event: Transphasic Rift at Deep Space 17 238404.11 Openned Rift. Commission Revoked.
Escaped to Universe 001-A01.
Event: Capture & Transfer to
Deep Space 17 Custody
238410.31 Captured Aboard USS Ronin. Escaped,
Maimed LtCmdr. Wilde. Recaptured.
Event: Kidnapping & Poisoning of Captain Mar 238507.25 Released by Alt. Wilde. Kidnapped Mar.
Escaped to Ithassa Region in SS Idril Mar.
Civilian 238507.25 - 238807.14 SS Idril Mar Wanted Criminal
Event: Attack on Golarem IV 238512.13 Attacked mining facility at Golarem IV posing as Cardassian.
Disabled freighter, killing crew.
Event: Arawath Disaster 238603.03 Destroyed Arawath System posing as Gorn.
Escaped to Universe 107-LS9.
Event: Creation of Vulcan's Harp Wormhole 238702.25 Inadvertantly intercepted USS Ronin's warp-coridor propulsion test, creating half-stable wormhold in Vulcan's Harp Nebula. Returned from Universe 107-LS9.
"Ensign Henry Jackal" 238801.20 - 238806.10 SS Idril Mar &
USS Independence-A
Subspace & Multi-Dimensional Physicist
Event: Capture & Rehabilitation 238807.15 Apprehended aboard the USS Endeavour, bridge-melded with Cmdr. Kolk and sent to Starbase 211 for rehabilitation.

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