Midway Repair Facility

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You might also be looking for Midway Station.

The Midway Repair Facility is a Series-4 Starbase (similar to Starbase 375) and Starfleet operated shipyard located, as its name implies, midway between Gorn/Tholian, Federation, Romulan, and Klingon sections of space in the Ithassa Region, housing a crew of 5700 and at any time 4000-6000 permanent residents, civilians or visitors. Its mandate is resupply and repair, housing an internal docking bay capable of holding up to 15 starships with additional external facilities.

It is approximately 2 weeks travel from Starbase 118 at high warp, 3 months at Warp 6.

In 2393, the USS Artemis carried the Constitution class USS Venture in its cargo hold, delivering it to the Midway Repair Facility to be made spaceworthy by the crew of the USS Invicta for inclusion in the Parade of Ships for the Khitomer Centennial celebrations.