Mr Squishypants

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Mr. Squishypants is a stuffed sloth belonging to Ash MacKenna onboard the USS Victory.


  • Full Name: Professor Archibald Squishy-Trousers the Third
  • Race: Sloth Plushie
  • Date of Creation: 236002.24
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: E+ (Mr. Squishypants always feels your problems, and always knows the answer to them (a big, squishy hug.))


A handmade sloth with brown felt 'fur', a red face, and blue-and-white striped trousers with black braces. His nose, paws, and button-eyes are light blue.



  1. 236002.24: Sewn by Mags Orman for her daughter's birthday.
  2. 236003.11: Presented to the 1 year old Katy Orman as 'Professor Squishy-Trousers.'
  3. 236003.11, 4 hours later: Renamed 'Mr. Squishypants' due to young Katy's inability to pronounce the former name.
  4. 238601.10: Given to Katy's best friend Ash MacKenna for comfort when she was recovering from the loss of her hand.
  5. 238711.23: Gains a new brother, Lieutenant Colonel Cuddleson.