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Way Corridor System

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Largely unknown in their composition, these are artificially generated subspace corridors corresponding to their nearest Waystation that establish and generate the route.


Type I – Galaxy Corridors

  • These are subspace corridors which serve as exit/entry points into a respective galaxy (based on the wormhole hidden inside Bull's Run in the Ithassa Region). These are the only known stable corridors. Visually, these corridors appear as bluish shimmers against the dark backdrop of space inside a volatile area of subspace distortions with elevated neutrinos, chromatin particles and traces of tachyon (a briar patch). They are almost always confused as typical wormholes.

Type II – Galactic Corridors

  • These are subspace corridors within galactic space it is believed that establishes the corridors routes between one Waystations to the next. These are not as stable and are believed to be dying, due in part to age as well as their connected relationship with the Waystations to generate them. As the stations run down without maintenance, the power necessary to generate the corridors goes.

Supplemental Information

Reports suggest ships have shot down a corridor only to get trapped at the end, either by a dead Waystation, or worse… a missing Waystation. Navigating through the way corridor system is often treacherous and at times, can be fatal.

At present, not enough is known of the complete corridor system or the extent of its network. The USS Independence-A utilized the Type I entrance/exit corridor inside Bull's Run while searching for the disappearance of the USS Benjamin Franklin.

In 2390, the USS Columbia located a type I corridor in the Azure nebula, existing within a newly discovered gravity well. It was used to travel to Odyssey station, but was found to be unstable and was torn apart due to the formation of the same well shortly after the crew returned to Starbase 118. This corridor no longer exists.