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Recipients by Year

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The UFOP Awards Ceremonies recipients below are listed by their rank and ship at the time of the nomination.

General Awards

The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement First Class (TOSMA I)

The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement Second Class (TOSMA II)

The Barclay Bead

The Purple Star

The Scotty Cross

The Neelix Award

The Nebula Bar

The Silver Palm

The Merria Medallion

The Sheathed Sword

The B-Plot Award

The Kalendra Award

Sarpeidon Award

Data Artistic Award

The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award

The Great Bird Award

The Boothby Award

Duty Awards

The Pirantares Ribbon:

The Natasha Yar Pin:

The Voyager Medallion:

The Captain Sisko Tactical Cross:

The Phoenix Award;

The Cochrane Award:

The Pilot's Sextant:

The Order of the Valiant Heart:

The Strange Medallion:

Staff Awards

The James T. Kirk Cross:

The Sarek Star:

The Katherine Janeway Award:

The Andorian Battle Star:

The Christopher Pike Pendant:

The Federation Peace Medal:

The Karagite Order of Heroism:

The Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition:

The Picard Award: