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USS Thunder & Embassy Duronis II
Lieutenant Commander Ann Readdy


  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Ship: USS Thunder/Duronis II Embassy
  • Position: Chief Security Officer
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • DoB: 236008.15
  • Birthplace: New Chicago, Earth
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Dark Brown

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Lieutenant Commander Ann "80psi" Readdy is currently assigned as Chief Security Officer at the Duronis II Embassy and aboard the USS Thunder.



  • Personality: Easygoing, yet well-disciplined. A team player, fiercely loyal and dedicated. Prefers to talk rather than fistfight.
  • Strengths: Exercises retraint, proficient with most hand-held weaponry, compassion
  • Weaknesses: Somewhat uncomfortable in some social settings, fastidious about pistons and air lines' appearance/cleanliness, doesn't hold liquor well
  • Ambitions: To be the best Starfleet Security Officer and one day command her own starship.
  • Hobbies: Chess, holopdeck adventures/recreation, card games

Physical Appearance

Caucasian, athletic build. Attached to each forearm and lower leg is a pneumatic piston like those found on a PP615 drop sealer. Each piston is "connected" to their respective fittings, by a pair of slender, black air supply lines. The arm pistons are connected to fittings at the base of the neck. The leg pistons are connected to fittings at the small of the back. The pistons are gray with silver "endcaps".


  • Mother: Florence Readdy
  • Father: Walter Readdy
  • Brother: Richard Readdy (10 years younger than Ann)
  • Sister: Kay Readdy (4 years younger than Ann)

Personal History

Ann Readdy was born, on August 15, 2360, in New Chicago, to Walter and Florence Readdy. Her childhood was relatively normal and she has one brother, Richard and one sister, Kaye. Both siblings are younger by 10 years and 4 years, respectively. Everything was fine, up until a certain day, in October of Ann's senior year of High School.

On the evening of the last Friday of October, of the 2377-78 Senior year, while Ms Readdy was attending a school-sponsored Halloween party at a downtown Chicago hotel, dressed in an outfit she designed. It was comprised of a black catsuit,with silver trim and short black boots. Strapped to both forearms and the sides of both lower legs, were gray and silver pneumatic pston cylinders, like those found on late 20th Century PP615 drop sealers.

Ann stepped outside, for some fresh air. Unbeknownst to Ann, a cloaked science vessel, from an unknown world, Thalax, had settled into a geosynchronous orbit, over North America, New Chicago, specifically, and positioned itself, right over the hotel. Before Readdy could react, she was struck by a bright blue "energy bolt" emanating from the Thalaxian science vessel, unknown to the Federation, at that time. This bolt triggered, what was then called Spontaneous Trans-Molecular Mutation.

This was done as part of an effort, on the part of the Thalaxian race, to infuse other species, with their DNA and find out how each species "responds".First they study the planet's people, then after extensive, long-range scans, a single person is chosen, based on brain function, body mass and age. The Trans-Molecular Mutation, is actually a "side effect" of the DNA enhancement/infusion process.

This "process" mutated the pistons and air supply lines to Ms Readdy, and altered her DNA, melding hers with Thalaxian DNA. Thus the pistons, their air supply lines and fittings became living tissue, despite their appearance and feel. Becoming living tissue meant they could actually bleed upon damage and pain could be felt. What made this even more remarkable, was that these "appendages" can "autoregenerate" at will! Auto regeneration requires going into a deep "sleep", resembling a coma. Upon completion, Ann will awaken, on her own.

Shortly after this mutation occurred, a Thalaxian "envoy", named Zan Tir, paid Ms Readdy a visit and explained everything that transpired within her body, including lengthen lifespan-1,500 Earth-years(150 Thalaxian years). So now, Ann had 1, 250 years left to live, barring an unfortunate, fatal event.

The months that followed were rather interesting, to say the least.

At first, Ann's family and friends didn't know what to make of these "changes", but as days passed, they grew to accept Ms Readdy's new "self". Also, because, Ms Readdy had been accepted to Starfleet Academy, their medical staff conducted a thorough check, to be sure she was fit to serve. Ann soon got the "green light" to enter the Academy, one year later than expected.

Ann's Academy days were typical of a cadet, yet she did her best to complete the sometimes-grueling courses and keep herself physically fit, with workouts that would wither the average person! Four years later, Ms Readdy graduated Starfleet Academy with slightly above average grades, ready for her first assignment.

Although Ann's real name was Ann Readdy, she often preferred to be called "80psi", in deference to the 80psi of strength, provided to her limbs whenever she activated her pistons, with their signature "double-hiss".

Notes: 80psi is NOT immortal and can be injured, possibly killed, just like any other being. She just can "summon" extra strength, via her pistons, which are susceptible to damage/destruction, yet can be autoregenerated. The 80psi of strength/force lasts only 60 seconds, activation of any one or more, of her pistons.



  • 2379 - Entered Star Fleet Academy
  • 2380- Second year of study included the following classes: Basic Psychology, Ancient Literature, Music Appreciation, Field Medic Training, participated in such sports as softball, fencing and was a member of the Academy Chess Team.
  • 2381 - Third year of study included the following classes: Karate, Akido, other self defense courses. Target training. Weapons training. Stress Management.
  • 2382- 2383: Cadet's Cruise - 1 year training tour of duty on the USS Centris. Station as security under Lieutenant Dirk Flaggon
  • 2384: Final Exams, Command Theory. Private study with Professor Renek Gilaars
  • 2385 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy - Attained the rank of Ensign

Military History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
004-Cadet1st-Gold.png Cadet 1st Class 2385??.?? Graduated Starbase 118 Academy Security
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 2385??.?? - 238512.08 USS Challenger Security
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant (j.g.) 238512.08 - ??????.?? USS Challenger Security Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant (j.g.) ??????.?? - ??????.?? USS Ronin Security Officer
03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg Lieutenant ??????.?? - 238712.16 USS Ronin Chief Security Officer
04-LtCommander-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Commander 238712.16 - Present USS Ronin Chief Security Officer


2010 Awards

  • The Barclay Bead


USS Ronin Missions

The Battle for DS17
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