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Major Geopolitical Events

2400 | 2401
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  • 240102.07 – USS Octavia E Butler is launched and joins Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force under the command of Commander Lia Rouiancet. Much of the crew of the USS Oumuamua transfers to the USS Octavia E Butler.
  • 240104.16 – Karrod Niac is promoted to Captain.
  • 240104.23 – USS Arrow is stolen by her former CO, Captain Shondra Carpenter.[5] The current crew of the Arrow, commanded by Captain Randal Shayne, employ the services of USS Khitomer in order to restore their ship.[6][7]
  • 240105.13 – Gogigobo Fairhug is promoted to Commander.
  • 240106 – Frontier Day: Some ships and stations, including USS Artemis-A, USS Astraeus, USS Kitty Hawk and Amity Outpost discover Changeling infiltrators among their crews. The Artemis, together with some of the crew of the Amity Outpost, also find a Borg Cube carrying the Queen in the Badlands. Most of Starfleet and the Federation remain oblivious to these encounters.
  • 240106.30 – USS Arrow is destroyed after intentionally set to collide with a Sheliak dreadnought by the order of Lt Commander Nolen Hobart soon after the crew regaining control of the stolen ship. Most people aboard were evacuated to USS Khitomer before the destruction of the Arrow.[8][9]
  • 240107.13 – USS Chin'toka is relaunched under the command of Commander Serala. Having been under repair at San Francisco Fleet Yards for almost two years, the ship joins in the investigation of Changeling and Borg activities before the Frontier Day.
  • 240107.15 – Frontier Day: The Borg Collective launch the long prepared surprise attack against the Federation fleet gathered in Earth's orbit for Frontier Day celebrations. The Collective quickly assimilates younger members of Starfleet and gains control of the ships. The Battle of Frontier Day begins.


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