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The first Denali Invitational was hosted at Denali Station and attracted racers from across the Wilds and beyond. You can find detailed information about what happened at the page detailing the Denali Station mission regarding the Invitational.

Denali invitational logo.png


Allahayer - Pelasht United

Piloted by Oddas Aria

Helm: Oddas Aria
Ops/Navigation: Etib Th'vhotrok

Background The Allahayer was put together around a soliton wave generation engine salvaged from a yard on The Spike. The rest of the design is hers, in consultation with the rest of her team. Pelasht United.


  • Piloting: 8
  • Engineering: 13
  • Integrity: 12
  • Luck: 7

Oumuamua - The Surfin' Scouts

Roxy's Foxy Lady - a “modified” Talaxian Freighter.
The team of Simon Vomek, Toxin Arlill, and Lhandon Joseph Nilsen

Helm: Lhandon Joseph Nilsen
Ops: Simon Vomek
Engineer: Toxin Arlill

Mother Ship: USS Oumuamua

Gamma Glider - The Star Surfers ('Oumuamua)

The Gamma Glider is the Gamma Quadrant's answer to the Delta Flyer.

Helm: Roger Hartmann
Ops: Avander Promontory
Engineer: TK Cabrillo

Mother Ship: USS Oumuamua

Background The Gamma Glider was the brainchild of several of the 'Oumuamua staff and was built by Kammus Corelli with parts from their industrial printer.


  • Piloting: 15
  • Engineering: 15
  • Integrity: 5
  • Luck: 5

Ensigns' Joyride - The Opsians

A Modified Type-6 Shuttlecraft.
Crewed by three Ensigns of the Starbase 118 crew Ksivi-Sava, Madison Marsh and Corey Wethern. The shuttle found in a redundant cargobay on Starbase 118 has been patched up with a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

Amiteam Racing - Amity Outpost

McCall Class shuttle.
Crewed by members from Amity Outpost: Nathan Richards, Scotty Reade. This McCall class shuttle was built using a prototype Vehicle Replicator, the prototype only being able to print the frame and body of the shuttle, the two Engineers, along with a little help, sourced the craft's systems from spare parts that happen to be lying around Amity Outpost at the time. Sacrificing Warp capability in favor of higher maneuverability for the sub-light race, there are several outer portions of the shuttle that are 'missing' in favor of in-atmosphere maneuvering.

Helm: Nathan Richards
Ops: Scotty Reade
Engineer: Scotty Reade

Mother Ship: Amity Outpost

Vela - Artemis

A former Caitian emergency response vessel
Crewed by members from USS Artemis-A. Luxa Lorana, Flint Kader and Kuva. The ship was rescued from Cait Spacedock where it had been left to rot. Kuva, the Artemis' newest engineer spent hours upon hours fixing her up. She will be piloted by Luxa Lorana, a science officer yet competent pilot and HCO officer of the Artemis, Kader.

Pilot: Flint Kader
Co-Pilot: Luxa Lorana
Engineer: Kuva

Mother Ship: USSArtemis


  • Piloting: 15
  • Engineering: 10
  • Integrity: 7
  • Luck: 8

Gott Speed - Arrow

A Prototype Reconnaissance Fighter of Dubious Origin
Crewed by members from USS Arrow. Connor Dewitt, and Nolen Hobart. The ship was procured by the team's sponsor, Dr. Gott. It is unclear where or how Dr. Gott obtained the craft, but Dewitt and Hobart worked tirelessly to get it ready for the race. The pair of engineers had to figure the craft out without guidance by the original manufacturer, because they could not be identified. At one point in the race, Hobart alluded to an "owner's manual" written in Romulan.

Having forgotten to recruit a pilot, the pair of Engineers argued early on about which one of them was less qualified to be at the controls, and eventually Hobart won, earning the right to serve as Engineer, while Dewitt was stuck as pilot.

Pilot: Connor Dewitt
Engineer: Nolen Hobart

Mother Ship: USSArrow


  • Piloting: 2
  • Engineering: 15
  • Integrity: 8
  • Luck: 15


Food Court

Food vendors from across the Federation, and beyond. Including:

  • Deep Space 3's Upscale Klingon, and Klingon Fusion restaurant Wejwa', will be hosting a Wejwa' Xpress pop-up, and franchising opportunities.

Akycha Stadium

  • A large stadium, built for an unknown purpose, but cleaned up and made ready for use by spectators. Room for approximately 40,000 fans in seats, surrounding a roughly 200m x 200m grassy field which has had massive holographic stands and other displays set up on it for the throngs of spectators. To handle Denali's rainy weather, the stadium has a retractable roof which can be operated when the evening rain begins.

Additionally, the Stadium will play host to first ever Celestial Racing Tech Expo, a gathering of exhibitions, vendors, and more.

Denali Invitational Ribbon

Starfleet officers who participated in the Denali Invational were awarded the Denali Invitational Ribbon.