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Starbase 118: Ops Mission Archive Database

Mission I: "The Crash of the Cerberas"

Shortly after Commander Leo Handley-Page took command of StarBase 118 Ops, the crew found themselves weathering an ion storm. The storm disabled the base's transporters and sent minor disruptions throughout the computer systems. But disaster struck when the SS Cerberas, a civilian freighter coming in to dock, lost control and crashed into the special ops tower of the station. The Cerberas suffered heavy damage, embedding a nacelle into the side of the station and suffering major hull breeches.

Commander Handley-Page immediately mobilized a rescue team led by Dr. Velana to evacuate injured crew and civilians from the damaged Special Ops tower, and another team led by Lt. Commander Taybrim to evacuate any survivors from the Cerberas and investigate what caused the ship to lose control in such a drastic way. Meanwhile the Ops control officers assess the situation and try to find a way to protect the other ships trying to dock from both the ion storm and the dangerous debris from the Cerberas accident.

Dr. Velana's team finds many injured, including several civilian reporters trapped in a fire-damaged section, and a group of crewmembers that have been overwhelmed by the fire suppression system. In Ops, the control room crew postulates that the Cerberas might have been sabotaged, or it might be a distraction for some sort of attack against the Starbase. This theory is supported when the crew finds evidence that the Cerberas sustained weapons damage before it crashed into StarBase 118.

Meanwhile Lt. Commander Taybrim's team head over using the runabout Aramis. They confirm that the Cerberas was badly damaged by weapons fire, including damage to its engines. They also find that the Cerberas is carrying an unusually large amount of antimatter. Only faint life signs can be read onboard, and the life support is failing. So the away team suits up in EVA suits and heads onboard the Cerberas. They find the cargo area empty, and work their way to the bridge where the team find that the original Barzan crew has been murdered by someone several days before the crash. With some investigation they find that not only is there a device emitting false life signs, but there is a bomb onboard the Cerberas that threatens the entire station!

The medical teams evacuate the special ops tower when they find an unexploded torpedo has lodged into the station from the Cerberas. The wounded are taken to sickbay for treatment while Ensign D'yer Rix calls in a bomb squad and gets the torpedo diffused.

The Ops team find that there are terrorists on board StarBase 118 and they intercept several coded communications. They learn that the civilian transport ship the Dawnbreaker is acting as a relay, passing the messages to a coded ship. There is a terrorist on the Dawnbreaker, along with security officer Mikk Toral's young daughter. Meanwhile one of the terrorists, Ry'van Alstred, cuts a path of sorrow across deck 1313 and deck 1159, leaving three crew dead and one seriously injured in his attempt to escape. As a security team closed in on him, he hacked into the fire suppression systems, unleashing both dry chemical fog and an argon saturation into the area. After nearly killing the security team, quick thinking by Starfleet officers brought the terrorist down and cleared the area from the poisonous chemicals.

The Aramis team heads back to the shuttle, leaving Major tr'Khellian on board the Cerberas to coordinate a slingshot maneuver that will pull the Cerberas away from the starbase. But as soon as the Cerberas is moved, the bomb activates. The Aramis is in a race against time, just barely clearing the Cerberas out of range of Starbase 118 before it blows. They enact a daring rescue of tr'Khellian and start flee the explosion but are caught at the end range of the shock wave. The damaged Aramis starts on board repairs to get back to StarBase 118 when they are attacked by a Rigellian Striker that was cloaked - the terrorist ship communicating with the Dawnbreaker!

The Striker attacked the Aramis, fatally damaging the runabout. The team onboard enacted a daring emergency transport onto the Dawnbreaker as the Striker destroyed the Aramis,much to the shock of the Ops crew. Fortunately, cover fire was enough to chase the Striker off, and the terrorist on board the Dawnbreaker decided to cut her losses and disappeared quietly into the crowd of passengers. The Dawnbreaker was towed into base for repairs as the away team joyously regrouped with the rest of the crew. As leave is granted, the officers start to investigate who planned this terrible attack and what might be coming next...?

Follow up on the Cerberas Crash/Ion Storm

Following leave, Ops crew notices that the ion storm that so badly affected the station and the Cerberas dissipates in an unusually fast manner. The science department starts to look into the storm and finds frightening evidence that the storm may have been artificially catalyzed or even created through the use of technology. The trajectory of the storm traces it directly back to the mysterious and dangerous Jenatris Cloud. Chief Science Officer Richard Matthews petitions to take a shuttle to the edge of the cloud and probe the area for answers. Captain Handley-Page agrees and allows Lt. Commander Taybrim, Lt. Matthews, Ensign Vell and Lt. Stevens head off in the shuttlecraft Ivalice to investigate.

The shuttlecraft is unable to enter the Jenatris Cloud, but it sends a chain of probes into the area to get readings. One unusual thing they pinpoint is an adrift satellite which appears to have some connection to the ion storm's occurrence. But when the Ivalice moves to tractor the satellite back to StarBase 118 they find themselves caught in a subspace anomaly! Barely able to escape the pull towards the deadly cloud, the Ivalice manages to wrest the satellite away from the anomalous subspace eddies and head back to StarBase 118 with more questions than answers...

Mission II: "The Cuckoo Child"

Following the docking of the SS Vytak, StarBase 118 offered sanctuary to hundreds of injured civilian refugees from the damaged vessel. Before the last refugees had made it off the ship, Ops received a hail from Captain Y-Rocck of the Noguwip. Y-Rocck demanded that all civilians from the Vtyak be turned over to him so that they could be ‘cleansed’ and the demon on board ‘destroyed.’ Sensing a massacre, Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page denied the request. After some discussion, Handley-Page agreed to send a negotiating team over to the Noguwip consisting of Ambassador Nia Calderan, Counselor Vance Sheridan, and Lt. JG Sabina Tiam.

Once on board, the diplomatic team was immediately incarcerated and forced to undergo a painful cleansing process to rid them of the demon’s influence. Sheridan and Tiam were released back to StarBase 118, but Calderan remained Y-Rocck’s prisoner. Unfortunately Ops was in no position to protest this treatment because their attention was drawn by a wave of violent riots which broke out throughout the civilian decks. After the mob overwhelmed security and violently opposed the marines dispatched to control the situation, Handley-Page set up a command center closer to the issue to suppress the violence.

The station suffered widespread system failures, including flooding one of the medical decks with poisonous gas, and tampering with security systems over the civilian decks. This prompted widespread evacuation and overcrowding of medical and relief areas.

When the command team arrived on the promenade they found Starfleet officers had joined the unruly mob. All witnesses said that there was no rhyme nor reason to the mob’s formation, and those who were part of it appeared uniformly insane as if widespread hysteria had infected the population of StarBase 118. The medical teams noted telepathic trauma and neurochemical imbalance in the patients coming in for care, making recovery very difficult. Newly arrived Dr. Pon Pon set to work with an onsite medical team, treating the injured. Other new arrivals included engineer Cadfael Peters and the return of Ambassador Calderan from the Noguwip after a painful and invasive 'cleansing' session.

Lt. Sheridan and Lt JG Tiam worked from sickbay to isolate the telepathic signature, and found the entity - which the crew of the Noguwip called a 'demon' was headed for Commander Handley-Page's position. As the shuttlecraft Ivalice came in to lend assistance all eyes focused on the promenade. The demon Aidris-Taree appeared - first as a little girl and her father, but morphing into a monstrous form as it threatened the command center. While the crew tried to find a way to remove the demon from the station, Ambassador Calderan rushed the monstrosity and told the Ivalice to lock on to her commbadge.

The crew of the Ivalice used a cross-pattern beam out to bring Ambassador Calderan and Aidris-Taree to the Ivalice while simultaneously beaming themselves to the Hub. Ensign Vell and Lieutenant Stevens quickly worked to extract Calderan from the Ivalice, leaving the demon on board. The Noguwip destroyed the Ivalice and vaporized the demon without warning, before leaving the station. On board the Ivalice crew worked to get the badly injured Ambassador Calderan to sickbay, while medical personnel struggled to care for the rising count of wounded.

In the day after many volunteers assisted the medical and repair teams and the station is slowly cleaning up while investigating the aftermath.

Mission III: "The Gathering Storm"

The USS Albion launched from StarBase 118 to travel to the Jenatris cloud to investigate a network of unusual satellites believed responsible for causing the ion storm that disabled StarBase 118 Ops before the crash of the Cerberas. The Albion found a web of Romulan-make satellites were set throughout the section of the Jenatris cloud that was nearest StarBase 118. These satellites had alien modifications to the original Romulan design and were connected by a sophisticated subspace communication grid connected by tachyon waves.

The USS Albion was able to carefully disconnect one of the satellites in the web and transport it on board for examination. Shortly thereafter they were attacked by a cloaked Romulan ship, and the resulting firefight disrupted the satellite network. As the network collapsed, a massive subspace anomaly opened up (this being thee same sort of anomaly other ships have witnessed). As the anomaly interacted with the unstable Jenatris cloud it formed a massive ion storm of terrifying proportions, trapping both the Albion and the Romulan ship ChR Asphodel inside.

StarBase 118 Ops is being threatened by this ion storm, but have also noted the anomalous readings from the storm, and are struggling to understand the satellites role in the creation of the storm in the hopes of dissipating the storm.

Shortly afterwards Captain Leo Handley-Page became aware that the ChR Asphodel was holding Ensign Ashley Yael hostage after a failed diplomatic envoy. Ensign Yael worked with a sympathetic Romulan to get information over to the Albion about his condition as well as the fractured nature of the Romulan crew. It was enough to mobilize Handley-Page into sending a surgical strike away team over to the damaged Asphodel to liberate Yael and prevent the Asphodel from destroying both vessels.

The Asphodel attempted a hostile takeover of the Albion with a computer virus that lowered the Albion‘s shields, but this was quickly found and countered by the Albion‘s science and tactical teams. While keeping the Asphodel at bay, the Albion established communications with StarBase 118 Ops, working with the team there to find a way to collapse the ion storm.

Onboard the Asphodel, the away team found the Romulan crew was controlled by an insane captain named Renzon. The Romulans were planning mutiny, and the away team was added to these plans so they could rescue their fellow officer. A small team stormed the bridge of the Asphodel, stunning the hostile elements. The ship’s second in command was willing to negotiate with Starfleet and took control of the vessel. Working together with the Romulans, the Albion figured out that an anomaly was creating the ion storm that had them trapped. They were able to collapse the anomaly and escape safely into the Jenatris Corridor. As the away team returned to the Albion, the new Romulan commander departed peacefully.

Upon return to StarBase 118 Ops, Captain Handley-Page found the starbase had weathered a good deal of excitement as well. Security with the assistance of retired Captain Grier Reinard prevented riots from breaking out in the promenade, and the Black Tower uncovered and apprehended an agent within their ranks, catching him before he could destroy critical evidence as to who placed the anomaly-causing satellites and why.

In the aftermath, the Black Tower has two satellites to dissect and leads on a second agent within Starfleet’s ranks. Meanwhile, the crew of the Albion looks forward to a restive and relaxing shore leave while they recuperate from their recent adventures.

Mission IV: "Startling Transformations"

Upon return from the Jenatris cloud, the ionic radiation took it's toll upon Ambassador Nia Calderan, Eyas Wulfantine and Petty Officer Sian Douglas. All three began to mutate into terrible beasts that threatened sickbay and the promenade of the station. Captain Leo Handley-Page quickly discerned that this connected to the telepathic interference between the Noguwip and his crew - especially the telepathic violation of Ambassador Nia Calderan.

The Ops crew struggled to contain the monsters, and finally did so with the help of powerful psionic inhibitors. With all three afflicted in a comatose state, Captain Handley-Page had they readied for long-range travel and packed up to take all three back to his homeworld of Byzallium to seek answers, leaving Lt. Commander Sal Taybrim in temporary command of Ops