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LtCmdr (Major) S'Lone i-Ra'thleifl tr'Khellian
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S'Lone tr'Khellian
Position Marine Officer
Rank Major
Species Romulan/Betazoid
Gender Male
DOB 232606.01
Age 74
Birthplace Ra'tleihfl, Romulus
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards General RussBar 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons ExtendedService 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg

Silver Star
Purple Heart
Russ Bar
Legion of Merit
Extended Service Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Gateway Ribbon
Captain's Commendation


  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Age: 30 Apparent (62 chronological)
  • Hair Color: Rust
  • Hair Style: Close cut "Marine style" (not buzz cut)
  • Facial Hair: Goatee
  • Eye Color: Black due to his Betazoid heritage
  • Facial Structure: Facial structure similar to Viggo Mortensen
  • Skin Tone: Dull, muted saffron yellow
  • Build: Square. Dense muscle mass. Not as fit and trim as he was once.
  • Carriage: Strides quickly with focus.
  • Poses: Parade or modified parade rest (One or both arms behind the back with hands interlocked at the small of the back)
  • Handedness: Ambidexterous
  • Noteable Features: Pointy ears. Slightly arched and up-swept eyebrows. While Romulans normally have two brow ridges above the bridge of their nose, forming a V-shape on the forehead, on S'Lone these ridges are much more subtle; from a distance he could pass perhaps as a Vulcan/human halfbreed.


  • Personal Motto: OFFICIUM, HONORATE, FRATERNITAS (Duty, Honor, Fraternity)
  • Mannerisms: Keeps to himself. Speaks very colloquially due to his time in the Marines.
  • Temperment: Aggressively dry almost gallows wit. Does not anger quickly. Vengeful. Sarcastic. Gets cold anger.
  • Habits: Unconsciously lapses into Marine Senior NCO mode when stressed.
  • Profile: Though highly intelligent and educated, S'Lone's background as a NCO makes him very nonchalant. If there is one concept that permiates to his core it is the Marine concept of F-I-D-O.
  • Dislikes: Ashamed of his Betazoid side, it's weakness and pacifism. Shame translates into dislike. Also not a big fan of Trills due to his having had a large parasite attach itself to his spine 10 years ago while he was on a mission with the Starfleet Marines.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Gain knowledge and rise to Commander rank in Starfleet. Secret goal: see his Grandfather writhe in abject misery under a cortical pain enhancer trapped in a crescendo of pain never to abate.
  • Personal Disappointments: Not seeking out his mother during his Starfleet Academy graduation ceremony. He knew she was there but avoided meeeting her.

Noteable Occurrences

  • Bent Sword Investigation: It all went back to the early days of tr'Khellian's Intel career. He was involved in investigations into overspending and corruption at various Star Fleet shipyards. Being fresh out of the Academy yet already had a 30 year career in the Marines as a senior NCO. The newly minted Counter Intel Officer tr'Khellian reported to his mentor the Inspector General of SFI, Edvard Hogan. There were allegations of links to corrupt Romulan officials, hidden backdoors, and Brass at shipyards using substandard materials. Eventually The Brass were reassigned. Careers were wrecked. A handful of Commanders and one Captain took the hit. One Admiral retired early. 5 years later, payback to tr'Khellian came to roost after one of a pair of assassins started killing folks at The Embassy on Duronis II. Under the pretext that tr'Khellian was in cohoots, hewas put under a Bent Sword investigation (OOC run by Captain Nugra's SFI NPCs). A Bent Sword investigation is reserved for looking into the highest levels of treason to the Federation. Implications that he aided and abetted the assassins resulted in a multiyear probe. The investigation was concluded on the Constitution/Apollo*

T/E Rating

  • On Meds: >>T0 E0 NR<<
  • Off Meds: >>T6 E6<< (1st week)
  • Off Meds: >>T2 E4<<
  • Telepathic status: On daily medication since childhood to suppress development. Was off meds 2 times. The last time his reaction to going cold turkey was violent to those around him. His suppressed abilities are such that he can push images and thoughts into other beings minds directly. Luckily the suppression meds result is that he is a "blank" while on them.


  • Quarters: Full of color and life
  • Favorite Drink: 100 year old Tawney Port
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Agnostic
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Hobbies and Interests: S'Lone enjoys cooking with real ingredients, mixology, and vintning.


  • CLASSIFIED...hru'diranov (Grandfather): hru'hfirh (Head of House) G'lette of Hfihar s'Khellian. Member of the Romulan Continuing Committee, Nova Roma.
  • di'ranov (Father): eri'hfirh T'unen. Tried in secret court by the Continuing Committee. EXECUTED for "Treason". Accused of passing "secrets" to the Federation via the Betazed Embassy. Worked for the Tal Diann.
  • ri'nanov (Mother): Morganna Waxia. Former Ambassador to Romulus, Daughter of the 12th House of Betazed. Exiled and escaped to Betazed when Husband was executed.

Personal History

Growing up in Ra'tleihfl on Romulus, S'Lone lived the life of one of the most privileged. He had want for nothing, attended the best schools, had the best tutors, and at age 14 began attending in the prestigious F'Trorr Military Academy where the ruling elite educated their offspring preparing them for a life of service and leadership.

Once reaching Betazed after escaping from Romulus with his life, he ran away from his mother to Earth and joined the Starfleet Marines. He did so to hide from reality and in some ways was able to emotionally disconnect from the trauma of his coming of age. Over the years, S'Lone was offered many meritorious field commissions but turned them all down. It was not until after the away mission to Gahoolo VI that he accepted the invitation to join Starfleet Academy.


  1. Stardate 232601.01: Born, Romulus
  2. Stardate 234206.15: Age 15 - Escaped into exile with his mother to Betazed after father was executed. The escape from Romulus was facilitated by the USS Enterprise.
  3. Stardate 234212.05: Age 16 - Ran away to earth and joined the Starfleet Marines.
  4. Stardate 234705.15: Age 21 - Posted to the Cardassian Theater (Border Wars 2347-2350) to a Scout Sniper Platoon (SSP) MOS 0317.
  5. Stardate 235109.25: Over the next 6 years also completed while on active duty to the Tholian Theater (Tholian War 2353-2360)
                           Urban Sniper School
                           High Angle (Mountain) Sniper School
                           Scout Sniper Team leader Course
                           Israeli Foreign Forces Sniper School
                           Low & Zero Gravity Sniper School
  1. Stardate 236303.20: Age 33 - Promotion to First Sergeant. Assigned the Senior NCO slot aboard the Oddessy-B.
  2. Stardate 236700.01: Age 37 - Posting to Al-Leya. Training NCO.
  3. Stardate 237201.15: Age 42 - TDY Bajor. Senior Instructor Scout-Sniper School. Promotion to Master Gunnery Sergeant.
  4. Stardate 237312.20: Age 43 - Dominion-Cardassian Operations (2373-2375)
  5. Stardate 237405.05: Age 44 - Won the Star Fleet All Service Sniper Competition.
  6. Stardate 237601.20: Age 46 - Borg Conflicts in the Regula Badlands.
  7. Stardate 238101.20: Age 51 - Borg Conflicts in the Azure Nebula.
  8. Stardate 238112.22: Age 52 - "The" away mission on Gahoolo VI. CLASSIFIED. Offered Promotion to Sergeant Major. Turned-down.
  9. Stardate 238201.02: Age 53 - Entered Starfleet Academy.
  10. Stardate 238611.21: Age 57 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy.
  11. Stardate 238712.15: Age 58 - Completed Advanced Operational Training with Starfleet Intelligence.
  12. Stardate 238803.15: Age 59 - CLASSIFIED
  13. Stardate 238811.23: Age 62 - Assigned as Intelligence Officer to USS Avandar.
  14. Stardate 239007.15: Age 64 - Assigned as Intelligence Officer to Embassy of Duronis II.
  15. Stardate 239106.01: Age 65 - Assigned as Intelligence Officer to USS Victory.
  16. Stardate 239106.12: Age 65 - Assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer to USS Victory.
  17. Stardate 239111.15: Age 65 - Stripped of security clearance due to ongoing Bent Sword Investigation by SFI.
  18. Stardate 239112.29: Age 65 - Assigned as Marine CO to StarBase 118 Ops.
  19. Stardate 239205.01: Age 65 - Assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer to USS Apollo.
  20. Stardate 239205.15: Age 65 - Assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer to USS Constitution-B.
  21. Stardate 239206.20: Age 66 - Bent Sword Investigation by SFI suspended. Clearances reinstated.
  22. Stardate 239207.01: Age 66 - Assigned as Counter Intelligence Officer to SFI HQ.
  23. Stardate 239208.14: Age 66 - Assigned as Marine Officer to Duronis II.

Academy Record


Starfleet Assessments and Records

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Assignment Post
001-Cadet4th-White.png Cadet, 4th Class 238201.02 - 238212.31 Starfleet Academy,
San Fransisco,
Major: Intelligence
Minor: Morality and Ethics in Intelligence
002-Cadet3rd-White.png Cadet, 3rd Class 238301.02 - 238312.31
003-Cadet2nd-White.png Cadet, 2nd Class 238401.02 - 238412.31
004-Cadet1st-White.png Cadet, 1st Class 238501.02 - 238512.31
004-Cadet1st-Red.png 238601.02 - 238611.21 USS Centris-A
01-Ensign-Black.jpg Ensign 238611.21 - 238811.22 Starfleet Intelligence, Sol Sector Counter-Intelligence Officer
01-Ensign-Black.jpg 238811.23 - 238903.30 USS Avandar Intelligence Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Black.jpg Lt (jg) 238903.30 - 239007.13
03-Lieutenant-Black.jpg Lt 239007.13 - 239007.15
03-Lieutenant-Black.jpg 239007.15 - 239105.28 Embassy_of_Duronis_II
04-LtCommander-Black.jpg Lt Cmdr 239105.28 - 239106.01
04-LtCommander-Black.jpg 239106.01 - 239112.29 USS Victory
M04-Mjr-Green.jpg Major 239112.29 - 239205.01 Starbase 118 Ops Marine CO
04-LtCommander-Black.jpg Lt Cmdr 239205.01 - 239205.15 USS Apollo Chief Intelligence Officer

04-LtCommander-Black.jpg Lt Cmdr 239205.15 - 239207.01 USS Constitution-B Chief Intelligence Officer

04-LtCommander-Black.jpg Lt Cmdr 239207.01 - 239208.15 SFI HQ Counter Intelligence Officer
M04-Mjr-Green.jpg Major 239208.15-Present Embassy_of_Duronis_II Marine Officer

  • Awards & Commendations
       Purple Heart
       Extended Service Ribbon, Stardate 238904.15 
       Russ Bar
       Purple Heart with 1 gold stars denoting a second awarding
       ???? Service Ribbon, Stardate 239007.13
       Legion of Merit, Stardate 239010.14
       Purple Heart with 2 gold stars denoting a third awarding  
       Gateway Ribbon
       Joint Meritorious Unit Award (USS Vigilant)
       Purple Heart with 3 gold stars denoting a fourth awarding  
       Silver Star
       Captain's Commendation (SD 239212.22)