Gorn Conflict of 2383

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Gorn Conflict of 2383

The Gorn Conflict of 2383 refers to a series of intense battles fought between the Gorn Hegemony and the Federation. These battles occurred in the middle/late part of the year 2383, with significant casualties on all sides. The conflict culminated in the First Battle of Eratis.

Federation Forces

Free Trade Union vessels involved

Gorn vessels involved

  • 3 (three) Carnosaurus Destroyers: (incl flag ship, Enlightenment: Captain Hessla (S.I.: 1000)
  • 1 (one) Albertasaurus Destroyer (S.I.: 1600)
  • 5 (five) Strike Cruisers X (Reassigned) (S.I.: 850)
  • 3 (three) Raptor Class (Reassigned) (S.I.: 350)
  • 3 (three) Dactyl Strike Cruiser VIII (S.I.: 500)
  • 1 (one) Troop Transport (~3800 Gorn aboard)
  • 1 (one) Iguana class Battleship (S.I. 1900) carrying ten fighters (SI:72 each) and biomimetic weapons.


Vessel Reports

USS Triumphant


On Stardate 238306.26, the Triumphant was ordered to investigate a report of Gorn developing biogenic weapons. If the reports prove correct, they were to take all steps necessary to secure the safety of the Federation. They were provided with a guide in the form of the serial killer Russhook Sslithou.

As of the time of submission, the ship has just entered Gorn space. Lieutenant Commander Johnathan Ivanov Kirov and Lieutenant (jg) Nemitor Atimen are working to crack the security net before a Gorn cruiser (captained by former Starfleet officer Slishdakk Ssa'Rukk) arrives in three hours.


On Stardate 238307.13, the Triumphant was about to engage three Gorn light destroyers, while Captain Ssa'Rukk from the USS Kodiak was on an intercept course to assist. Gorn Ambassador Tarck Ssamal is also observing the battle while cloaked.

Unknown to the combatants, the Gorn have loaded the biogenic weapon onto a Gorn vessel bound for DS17, which they intend to use as a test site...


The USS Triumphant takes part in the Battle of Eratis.

USS Independence


On Stardate 238306.22, the Independence responded to a distress signal from the FTU's Furies Furnace Base. Attacked by five Gorn Carnosaurus cruisers, the FTU base is under heavy bombardment. While the Gorn attempt to block any communication with outside forces, the FTS Marauder and Independence prepare to plunge into the thick of the battle coming to the defense of the Ithassa Region's newest allies.


On Stardate 238307.13, The Independence is reported to be on a direct route for DS17 after a vicious assault against a Gorn battalion of ships in defence of the Furies Furnace FTU asteriod base. Although the mission was a success, the base was lost, and the Independence was struck by a electronic spike bomb the Gorn sent over on a frequency carrier wave to cripple the ship's power.

With systems restored, the ship hopes to beat the Gorn invasion fleet currently on a direct heading for DS17, also carrying a captured cell of Gorn who attempted to penetrate the ship and are curently being held in holding cells...

...or are they?


After an act of sabotage, the Independence is currently adrift with no warp capability. The USS Hammond ambushed and slowed the Gorn fleet down, so there is still a chance for the ship to make it.


The Independence arrives at Deep Space 17 and takes part in the Battle of Eratis. It is destroyed in the battle following a collision ordered by Commander Idril Mar. Almost all the crew survive, most of whom join the newly commissioned USS Independence-A.

USS Ursa Major


The Ursa Major reports that three light Gorn Raptor cruisers attacked and destroyed the Vulcan courier ship T’sel. The USS Forrester, a Nebula class ship without a weapons pod, responded to the T’sel and was disabled. The Ursa Major arrived on the scene and saved the Forrester from the T’sel’s fate.

Unknown to the Ursa Major, at this time Gorn attacks are taking place throughout the Ithassa Region.


After communicating with Commander Stoker at DS17, the Ursa Major is setting course for the Gorn border. Her first targets are the communication and sensor platforms at the edge of their space.


Her assault mission complete, the Ursa Major arrives at Deep Space 17 and takes part in the Battle of Eratis.

Occupation of DS17

The Gorn occupied Deep Space 17 for a period of approximately three months. During this time, the population of the space station were treated reasonably well, a stark contrast to 2387's later occupation by the Vaadwaur.


With the wreckage of the Independence still floating in space, the crew of the vessel transferred to DS17. From there they were assigned to a variety of other ships, including the newly commissioned USS Independence-A.