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StarBase 118
Trojan-class SB118

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This article is about the physical location on StarBase 118. For the inactive simming group, see: Black Tower/Intel.

The Black Tower is home to the headquarters for StarBase 118's Intelligence department. With three sections and 21 different levels, it stands atop the "mushroom cap" of StarBase 118. The tower itself is built as one large cylindrical structure, with two small towers joined to each side. As its name implies, the Black Tower is completely black, due to the special treatment of the outer surface to disrupt sensors and transporter beams. All windows on the tower are specially camouflaged both from visual and sensor inspection, so the entire structure appears as one dark mass. Entrance to the tower is handled via a separate turbolift system that is not connected to the bases main system. Entrance to classified sections of the tower is restricted to intelligence personnel, guests are to be escorted at all times outside the general clearance areas.


Each level is subdivided into seven sections, labeled in the standard alphabet. Each section is subdivided into fourteen sub-sections. When referring to a section the full designation would resemble something such as this: Alpha-5, G-12, referring to Section Alpha, Level 5, Section G, Sub-section 12. (Also can be shortened to A-5, G-12.)

Section Alpha

The top section is designated Alpha, and handles all aspect of Administration (officially). All command personnel, including the Director, have assigned offices in this section, within the central portion of level three. There are quarters available for visiting and recuperating agents. All permanently stationed agents have quarters within levels six and seven. Level four and five comprise labs and medical facilities disassociated from the 'Base's facilities.

Section Beta

The center section is designated beta, and constitutes the storage facilities to the fleet of Talon-class scout ships which are assigned to Intel (among others). The middle two levels (between the upper bay, which takes up levels one and two, and the lower bay which takes up five, six and seven) is the section for general access, meaning that it gets visitors from captains, admirals, and other high ranking personnel frequently. Level three has the main turbolift entrance to the Black Tower. The turbolift access to the Black Tower is situated in such a way that it does not run along the tower (for security reasons) but only intersects the tower at the point of entrance. There is only one turbolift entrance to the tower (not to say that's the only entrance, but the only official one).

Section Gamma

The bottom section, Gamma, is another secured section of the tower, comprising the sensitive and 'paperwork' (as many love to refer to it) areas. Levels one and two are filled with research facilities. Only personnel which are cleared for that individual area are admitted, and only for certain sections of the deck.


All tower systems are completely independent of the starbase, though have direct ties to starbase systems. All Intel activities fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Starbase commanding officer or any ranking Admirals in the Fleet and the Starfleet Intelligence Department (who answers to the same).

Deck List

  • Section Alpha
    • Level 1-2: Secured area.
    • Level 3: Main Offices, Director's office, meeting rooms, main briefing room.
    • Level 4-5: Secondary Offices, miscellaneous administrative areas, training holodecks, personnel mess hall, Spatial Command and Control Center.
    • Level 6: Field Agent quarters, Medical Facilities
    • Level 7: Quartermaster Division
  • Section Beta
    • Level 1-2: Upper bay
    • Level 3: (General Clearance) Main Entrance Level to Black Tower. Large balcony overlooking the arboretum. Memorial Wall.
    • Level 4: (General Clearance) Large arboretum. Holographic areas. (Public eye's view)
    • Level 5-6-7: Lower bay
  • Section Gamma
    • Level 1-2: Research facilities
    • Level 3: Information Processing
    • Level 4: Main core databanks (back up system described below).
    • Level 5-6-7: Listed as storage facilities.