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As a department of StarFleet Intelligence, StarBase 118 Intelligence operates to serve the interests of defending the United Federation of Planets.


The Intelligence department has long been critical to the mission of StarBase 118, since her first years, considering her pivotal location at the crux of the Romulan, Klingon, and Federation territories. Despite the unremitting hostility between these three powers, a permanent intelligence outpost in the crux location was not founded until StarBase 118's construction in 2321. Led by Director Terrance Ford, the small department on the frontier outpost flourished. Romulan missions took priority, as the Khitomer Accords had quelled most aggression between the Federation and Klingons, while the Romulans remained an enigma.

With the construction of the second StarBase 118 (and the subsequent destruction of the original outpost), and the new addition of a monitor fleet, the Intelligence department was expanded onto numerous vessels. A particularly fertile period of Intelligence activity began with the addition of Tristan Wolf to StarBase 118's executive staff, as he redefined the mission of Intelligence.

2375 saw the destruction of the second StarBase 118 by Kalendra, and the construction of a new base through 2376. Intelligence garnered a vote of confidence with the dedication of the Black Tower to their cause. Presently, the StarBase 118 Department is referred to by the aforementioned name of their headquarters, "The Black Tower."

The Black Tower

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The legacy of StarBase 118 Intelligence is most well known since the foundation of the department as the Black Tower. Nonetheless, to the general inhabitants of StarBase 118, and indeed to the vast multitude of StarFleet officers, the drama and intrigue that has plagued this department has been well concealed behind the Intel veil. As an adjunct of StarBase 118 Ops, it's mission has changed often since the beginning of the Black Tower era with the contribution of multiple, and seemingly ever-changing station Commanding Officers.

As a matter of StarFleet records, the names of each Director are public knowledge. Michael Rourke served as Director from 2379 to 2380, with Director K'sena Kyrl following through 2382. Director Darien Corrigan followed as the CO of Black Tower, serving under the command of Captain Rocar Drawoh, Ops CO. Colonel Joseph Terrill was sitting as Director through 2389 when he stepped down to return to field operations. Commander David Cody is the current Director under the command of Captain Kalianna Nicholotti.

The Black Tower houses the Starfleet Intelligence Department which now operates under the jurisdiction of Starfleet, SB118 Fleet Command, and the Commanding Officer of Starbase 118 Operations. In addition to housing Intel, a new Spacial Mapping lab was built to better service SB118.


Sector 118 Intelligence is composed of three major branches and within these branches exist different subdivisions:


The main administration of the sector intelligence, this is headed up by the Director, Deputy Director, and any adjunct administrative officers. The Starbase 118 Commanding Officer oversees all intelligence operations in the sector and designates missions for agents assigned to Black Tower and those assigned in the field.

It should be noted that any administrative and clerical personnel employed in the Black Tower fall under the authority of Starfleet Command.


BLACKNET is a classified Operator database that can be used by SFI and its direct affiliates to categorize and share information such as BOLO's, VIP lists, Black lists and mission reports, with other members of the intelligence community. Access to this database is striclty monitored, with a classified back-up location.

Tower Ops

Tower Ops personnel are intelligence officers. Tower Ops carry out the active operations for Sector 118 Intelligence. All agents in this division are capable of executing independent missions, within the jurisdiction of the chain of command. Agent trainees are prepared in this branch until they are ready for either the command or field branch.


The field division of intel agents is composed of agents who are assigned to duty posts on vessels or StarBase 118 outposts (such as Duronis II Embassy). These agents are under the direct authority of the Commanding Officer of their duty post, but report back to StarBase 118 Intel's Command branch frequently. Assignments are given at the discretion of their Commanding Officer, and the Black Tower rarely has any jurisdiction over these missions, although a specific CO and the Black Tower Command may cooperate when necessary. Nonetheless, a Commanding Officer may not order agents aboard their ships to "spy" on Black Tower, just as the Black Tower does not have the ability to order an agent to "spy" on a Commanding Officer.

Agent Trainee Program

Upon graduation at StarFleet Academy, agents who are assigned to the Black Tower enter the Agent Trainee Program. Recruits then begin a new period of training in either the Command, Tower Ops, or Field departments within a specific specialty.

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