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Starbase 515
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Serren Tan
Position Security/Tactical
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Trill
Gender Male
DOB 237503.03
Age 25
Birthplace Trill Prime
Writer ID O238704AT0

"Everyone is a jigsaw puzzle where nobody has all the pieces, not even themselves." - Serren Tan

In Character Ribbons
Awards & Service Ribbons
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Purple Heart
Good Conduct Ribbon
Gold Lifesaving Ribbon
Intelligence Star
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal



Serren Tan, fourth of the Tans, is currently serving as a junior Tactical and Security Officer aboard Starbase 515.

For his Skarbek version, see this page.

Biographical Information

  • Full Name: Serren Tan (formerly Serren Frex)
  • Race: Trill (joined)
  • Previous Hosts: Marlee Tan, Alleran Tan, Safine Tan
  • Date of Birth: 237503.03
  • Place of Birth: Trill Prime
  • Host Age: 25
  • Symbiont Age: 126
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T0/E0


Serren Tan2.jpg
  • Height: 185cm (6'1")
  • Weight: 84 kg (185 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Blond.
  • Length of Hair: Short cut, although he has occasionally been known to wear a high-and-tight.
  • Eye Color: Blue.
  • Skin Tone: Fair.
  • Birthmarks, Scars: A set of faint teeth marks on his Starfleet Issue posterior, courtesy of a Romulan dinosaur (long story). Otherwise, Serren Tan has no scars or injuries at all. Unusual for Security staff, who have typically been in some scraps in their lives.
  • Build: Athletic and obviously into fitness. 11% body fat.
  • Face: Typically presenting with a neatly trimmed beard, which he grows for the simple fact that if he doesn't, he has a profound case of baby-face.
  • Arms: Strong and pronounced biceps and thick "Security Officer" arms.
  • Legs: Never skips leg day.
  • Carriage: Tends to stride with confidence, taking bold steps, but sometimes can shuffle his feet -- a nervous habit inherited from a previous host.
  • Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head): Has a habit of putting his hands on his hips, which can exaggerate his already wide profile.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): A comfortable and "liberated" person, Serren tends to wear shorts or slacks when he's not expecting company.
  • Shoes: Boots when on duty, barefoot when in his quarters.
  • Voice: His voice deepened when he was joined, something which has surprised him a little as it usually only comes out when he's hearing recordings of himself. His current neutral accent is practiced and deliberate, with his natural inflections deliberately suppressed out of fears of being judged as "terribly provincial".
  • Handedness: Right

Home of the Fire Gods

"My parents are unquenchably cheerful, spotted, parka-wearing, deathly pale, gym-junkie cottage-core lesbian pyromaniac basement-dwelling hobbits who live on a volcano surrounded by ice, grow plants, sing funny songs, and do research on migratory Trill phytoplankton. I didn't see actual wild grass until I was a teenager." -- Serren Tan to Ayiana Sevo

Serren hails from a remote, frozen area of Trill known as Vilari, or in the local dialect, "Home of the Fire Gods".

Vilari is a frozen pseudo-Antarctican environment where much of the landmass is encrusted with kilometers-thick sheets of ice and what little land is available is little more than volcanoes jutting out of the frozen wastes. Without modern technology life would be impossible there; temperatures hover at -20c and can regularly drop below -50c, sometimes for months on end, with winds exceeding 100 knots during storms, which can last for weeks. There is almost no rainfall or snowfall. It is a land of howling winds, biting cold, and dry, inhospitable air.

During summer the continent is exposed to almost sixteen hours of daylight a day, while during winter, the reverse is true. Volcanos sometimes erupt, blanketing the area in ash so thick it blocks out the sun and spewing out lava flows that carve great swathes through the ice. There are no indigenous Trill in the area, no naturally occurring plants save the occasional hardy moss, and few animals.

To sustain life, a community of approximately eight thousand Trill resides in a sealed facility called "The Ring"; an insulated, thick-walled structure built into the side of a (mostly) dormant volcano, encircling it in its entirety and extending out for a kilometer in all directions. Energy and warmth are harvested from the rich magma veins that run below the "town", with the people there living a modest, simple, rural life below the thick, insulated roof of their facility.

Secretive even by Trill standards, Ring culture is sometimes referred to as a "cult", with uncharitable parallels made to Earth luddites or neo-primitive philosophy. Sometimes wild claims are made about the local religion, including human sacrifices (with the poor unlucky "chosen ones" being hurled into the volcano), conspiracies about being "anti-joining", or even stranger claims. The truth is much more mundane: the inhabitants of The Ring simply want to be left alone to lead a simple life, and their religion is (these days) little more than folk traditions that grew out of worshipping "fire gods". They are secular and peaceful, and while they prefer to eat food they've grown themselves rather than replicating it, and while they often possess sometimes strange skills such as brewing or ice carving, Ringers use communicators and holograms and replicators and computers and drilling phasers just like everyone else.

Agriculture plays a crucial part in Ring life. Plants fill every corridor and almost every available space in most rooms and sections, heavily favouring plants that can be eaten or produce seeds, berries, or roots that can be eaten, with the green playing both an important role in providing food, morale, and also clean, warm, fresh air. Experts at growing plants in areas of dim light and poor soil, an average Ringer can coax green into almost any space, no matter how inhospitable. Accordingly, Ringers tend to hold botany in high regard and consider cooking food made from one's own plants to be a noble, "down to earth" endeavor.

Due to their isolation, Ringers have developed a unique accent that is archaic and, as some describe it, "terribly provincial". Although religious discrimination and similar problems have long since been eliminated on Trill, Ringers sometimes find that their accent, unique colloquialisms, and colourful curses mark them as outsiders, a status they are often content to accept.

As with many Trill, the prospect of joining is seen as highly desirable. Despite this, joining is a rare act for a resident Ringer, although not due to their faith or traditions. As with much of the mysterious Ring, the truth about this quirk of their society is mundane; joined Trill tend to be emboldened by the process, develop wanderlust and a desire to explore and see the rest of the world (or even the galaxy, doing things like joining Starfleet or enlisting in civilian service), and so while not prohibited nor even discouraged, only a small number of joined Trill live in the Ring at any one time.

Accordingly, although Ringers prefer to educate their children themselves, some parents send their children to exclusive joining academies with the hopes of becoming one of the select few who are joined. Occasional rumours suggest that Ringers are given preferential treatment in these joining academies due to former Ringers in strategic positions on selection committees, or perhaps due to pity for their remote existence, however the few joined Ringers that exist often insist that they earned their symbionts, just like everyone else.

  • Parents: Krisa Frex, Merii Frex
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


  • Quarters: Serren's quarters are currently being unpacked and prepared, but he has plans. Plans to turn his quarters into something most approximating a garden. That said, he certainly has a lot of junk in there too. Notably...
    • A painting, painted by Alleran Tan, of the senior staff of the USS Garuda on the Eth planet, Pleethion, after their adventure with the Mud Dome.
    • Various holoimages, including ones of Mikali sh'Shar and T'tala.
    • A toy dinosaur that was Alleran's, that he keeps around to remind him of Dinotopia.
    • A Bajoran earring, where the D'jarra represented the Va'telo. Pilots, sailors, and explorers. He acquired this on a shopping trip with Jona ch'Rhanni.
  • Mannerisms: Quiet and professional, Serren is still getting used to the prospect of joining; he is still finding his feet, but soon his true personality will flourish.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Raised in a deeply conservative area of Trill, Serren is not religious, but he sometimes does use the language of his home continent; typically evocations to the "fire gods", or related phrases. "Ashes" being a particularly common curse.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: An avid gardener (and only slightly embarrassed about it), Serren takes particular joy in cooking and preparing the food he has grown himself. Accordingly, his garden is almost all edible plants, berries, and (small) fruits; a recent addition is a trio of planters full of garlic.
  • Likes: Cooking, gardening.
  • Dislikes: Many thoughts from his past selves, who he feels are incompatible with who he is and his desires.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Unlike Alleran, and definitely unlike Safine, Serren would love to command a ship one day.
  • Temperament: Calm and collected, Serren rarely panics or loses his head, although since being joined these kinds of things have become more frequent. He is notably more honest and direct than previous

hosts which he concedes can cause problems, as many folk claim to value honesty, but sometimes become offended at the truth.

  • Command Philosophy: A young officer with experience beyond his years due to his joined nature, Serren's professional philosophy is "the small stuff is the big stuff", determined to always make time for subordinates and help them through their issues, while making sure not to sit on -- or let simmer -- issues he may have himself.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias):
    • Guilt - Serren feels an entirely inherited sense of guilt over the actions of Safine Tan, shot and crippled defending the USS Gorkon. Even though it was her actions and hers alone, and he was not even joined yet, he feels he let down the Captain, Quinn Reynolds. He's determined to make it up to her in time.
    • Aversion to violence - Probably because Safine was crippled in combat, Serren dislikes violence, blood, and gruesome injuries. On occasion, he has found himself unable to look at them, although in severe or extreme circumstances he can manage it.
  • Physical Limitations: Taller than any previous host, and much stronger, Serren has already discovered that he's somewhat like a cat with its whiskers trimmed; he sometimes estimates that he can fit into places he simply can't.

Education and Early Life

  • Childhood: A somewhat stereotypical overachiever, Serren attended a finishing school designed to prepare young Trills for the rigours of joining and increase their chances of subsequently finding a symbiont. This prepared him well for joining.
  • Graduation: There was one option for Serren after graduation: Starfleet Academy. Given his skill set, Tactical seemed to be the obvious choice, although as his course continued, he eventually warmed up to Security as well.
  • Joining: While in his first year at Starfleet Academy, he was presented with an almost unheard-of opportunity: Safine Tan had been crippled in a battle aboard the USS Gorkon, and he was the next best match.
  • Continuing with Starfleet: Against the wishes of the Symbiosis Committee, Serren chose to remain in Starfleet Academy after being joined, and worse, specifically applied for a position onboard the USS Gorkon. Reassociation, or a host asserting their free will? Time will tell.


Serren is confident and occasionally flirtatious, with a tendency to assume the same in others. He makes friends quickly and has found that with the implantation of the Tan symbiont came a lot of baggage, including a strong emotional connection to the USS Gorkon and her crew.

  • Quinn Reynolds: Safine and Alleran's feelings make his own feelings about her... complex. He has a touch of Safine's guilt and a healthy dollop of Alleran's fondness but what he actually feels is unclear.
  • Regan Wilde: Serren's academy buddy, the too-sexy-for-his-own-good Regan Wilde, is someone he still keeps in touch with every shore leave or so, touching base and talking shop.
  • Dylan Reynolds: The Captain's Kid is smart, brave, and pretty awesome. Serren, recognising the teenager's obvious genius, treats him more like a young adult, and believes Dylan to have a great future ahead of him.
  • Caitríona Cayne: When she was injured on their first mission together, Serren -- as the lone security officer -- found himself in the position of ensuring the away team's safety. Although they barely had a chance to talk, already there are the beginnings of a strong bond growing... including a little flirting, because apparently that's what Starfleet officers do when T-Rex's are eating their Captains.
  • Jo Marshall: The fiery Terran was part of his first mission, to the ill-fated Dinotopia park. Despite the authority difference Serren took an immediate liking to her, finding her a no-nonsense, blunt, honest, person and a remarkably capable leader. He also appreciates her jo-kes.
  • Ayiana Sevo: At first intimidated by the much more experienced other Trill, Serren has come to take a bit of a liking to Sevo, finding her humour to match his and her capability remarkable. They later attempted to eat The Baconator and did shots at a Klingon-themed dive bar, where the two exchanged playful flirtatiousness, turning more serious as they exchanged stories about their lives (past and present). There was hand holding.
  • Jona ch'Ranni: Serren took an immediate liking to the friendly Andorian Operations officer, and the two of them went shopping and to "get into trouble" over shore leave on Palanon, where he acquired a Bajoran earring and other trinkets, helped out a stranded Klingon, and nearly got into a bar fight.


  • Welcome to Dinotopia: Serren rode with the Captain and the First Officer during the tour. When an ion storm swept through the area and a freed T-Rex attacked their vehicle, the Captain ran out into the rain with a flare to distract the beast, just like Mikali sh'Shar might run away from someone to whom she owed money. They soon found a bunker, where the small team sheltered and tended to their injured medical doctor, and Tan -- after a brief struggle -- was bitten on the backside by a venomous Romulan dinosaur. The venom temporarily deafened and blinded him, but the med-techs on the USS Triumphant patched him up nicely. The crew eventually evacuated safely, although a civilian he was responsible for died after breaking away and running straight into the path of a T-Rex. For his actions, he was awarded the Good Conduct Ribbon, a Purple Heart, and a Gold Lifesaving Ribbon.
  • Shore Leave: With the Trueno asteroid behind them, Serren visited a Klingon dive bar with Ayiana Sevo, had jockish adventures with Jona ch'Ranni, and (disastrously) participated in the Denak IX triathlon with Piravao sh’Qynallahr and Toran Sevo. His performance was poor but he had a great time, and they scored 4th place overall. The event ended with a feast, and a toast to "good friends and good times".
  • Operation Q-Ball: With Quinn Reynolds missing, Serren was tasked with infiltrating the rogue asteroid Ma no Umi, on a team lead by Arlo Thornton, alongside Cory Stoyer and Loxley. Disguised as an Orion, he went as the Bigger Tough who had dreams of being the Biggest Tough. When Arlo got sick, Tali Namura took her place, and for a time everything was fine... and then Alred Evatt showed up. A telepath with suspected Deltan heritage, he took an immediate interest in Serren and scrambled his brain up, causing a... scene. Fortunately, Cory was there to punch him in the head as hard as he could, and the group managed to escape. Afterward, Serren was awarded the Intelligence Star, the Operation Safe Harbour ribbon, the Good Conduct Ribbon, the Purple Heart, and promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade).
  • Shore Leave: With Quinn rescued from Ma no Umi, the crew went on shore leave at Deep Space 224. Wherein Serren was promptly banned from the Vulcan Science Academy due to reasons.
  • Operation Q-Ball: Collapsing mid-holonovel date with Sevo, Serren found his mind scooped out and a new personality inserted, in a new place, with a new history and an entirely new set of prosthetic arms.

Personal Story Arc

  • Drawn Back to the Gorkon: After being joined with the Tan symbiont, Serren Tan must reconcile his new hybrid self; what role do his symbiont's feelings and emotions play in his personality, and what does the host's? What kind of man is he?



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