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The Collective Intelligence
The Collective Intelligence
Reader's Choice
Reader's Choice

Hello! I play the various hopeless Trill symbiont hosts known as the Tans. This is his somewhat less spotty writer!

This page is currently undergoing a major renovation so please excuse any technical issues.




Radi Rais - A Betazoid enlisted crewman, Radi enjoyed a brief stint aboard the USS Victory before mysteriously disappearing. Many consider him dead, buried ignobly in a distant grave, but the truth is far stranger.

Alleran Tan - A joined Trill, fighter pilot, helmsman. Alleran served for many years aboard a number of ships, before isoboramine deficiency and personal troubles claimed his life. He was succeeded by...

Safine Tan - A police officer and excellent Symbiosis Committee choice, Safine was selected to replace Alleran while that host was critically injured. However, she proved to be an unsuitable host, her body rejecting the symbiont within her. Alive, but permanently crippled from the experience, Safine has become bitter and twisted by her brief tenure as Safine Tan, her promising career cut short by cruel fate. She was succeeded by...

Serren Tan - A somewhat stereotypical overachiever, Serren attended a finishing school designed to prepare young Trills for the rigors of joining and increase their chances of subsequently finding a symbiont. When the Tan symbiont unexpectedly became available and the next host proved unsuitable, Serren was the next best choice. Stably and reliably joined for the first time in years, Serren has just completed the academy. New adventure awaits...





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Greetings Alleran

Thanks for the warm welcome! :) I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. MikeKelly 03:08, 21 January 2011 (UTC)