Safine Tan

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Safine Tan (born Safine Rael) is a Trill Federation Police third year cadet currently aboard the USS Garuda. She currently is temporary host to the Tan symbiont, following its rejection of its previous host Alleran Tan in 2391. Once Alleran's isoboramine levels have recovered, it is planned for the Tan symbiont to be returned to him. A neural blocker is in place to prevent a true union between Safine and the Tan symbiont.


  • Blood Type: K-
  • Preferred hosts: Vetri (89.94%), Tan (81.23%), Venroe (68.99%)
  • Skills:
    • Security Specialist (primary)
    • Legal (primary)
    • Biochemistry (secondary)
    • Xenolinguistics (secondary)
    • Mathematics (secondary)
    • Civil Engineering (secondary)
    • Nursing (secondary)
    • Medical (combat) (secondary)
  • Graduate degrees: Law, Ethical Studies


She spent six years at the Trill academy. She is 23 years old. She is Starfleet Academy qualified with an acceptance score of 99.94. She graduated 14th in her class, with second class honours.