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  • Class and Type: Saladin-class Frigate
  • Commissioning Date: 2266

Often referred to by the more militaristic elements of Starfleet as a "destroyer," due to its primary mission profile - border and system patrol to prevent invasions and enforce the law - the Saladin-class Frigate was developed in conjunction with the Hermes-class Scout. These two ships were the first in Starfleet to possess a one-nacelle configuration; each consists of a saucer section similar to that of the Constitution class, with a single nacelle hanging ventrally and aft from a connecting interhull section.

The Saladin came equipped with three phaser banks on the saucer (one forward ventral, one dorsal port, one dorsal starboard) and a single torpedo launcher. Given its main mission profile, many Starfleet officers considered it somewhat "under-gunned," but despite these misgivings it had performed adequately in the field.

Noteworthy Vessels/service records/encounters:

  • USS Saladin: NCC-500, prototype;
  • USS Hannibal: NCC-512, saved Nyberrite merchant convoy from attack by Orion pirates (2272);
  • USS Lysander: NCC-540, discovered rich source of dilithium in the Poranis system and fought and destroyed a Klingon B'rel Class-class Light Warship that attacked it in the hope of preventing this information from reaching the Federation (2285);
  • USS Achilles: NCC-551, patrolled Romulan Neutral Zone (2284-89).


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