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Starship Classes

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For much of their history, the Klingons made relatively little use of Scouts, preferring heavier ships (such as Frigates) for what exploration and reconnaissance they needed to do. However, the large-scale conflicts of the 23rd century, and the internecine House warfare of the 24th century, both diminished the Empire's resources and provided a greater need for timely information about an enemy's military capabilities and activities. Thus, the Klingons began to design and build more Scouts - one- or two-person ships with relatively light weaponry, but able to fly at fast speeds.

Klingons typically perform scouting missions under cover of cloak, which also dictates a need for powerful engines but not for heavy weapons. With their sensors optimized for gathering military data (as opposed to Starfleet's more exploration-oriented Scouts), they learn as much as they can about the enemy without being detected, then return to their own lines, or use sophisticated communications systems to transmit information back to their commanders.

During the Dominion War, all Klingon Scouts and their pilots worked together, perhaps for the first time. Instead of spying on each others' Houses, they found themselves side by side, confronting an enemy in the ancient game of cat-and-mouse. Whether this cooperation will lead to greater understanding between the Houses remains to be seen.

Category Classes

  • Duq'cha Class (Heavy)
  • Krelirax Class
  • Zha'greq Class