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  • Class and Type: Hermes-class Scout
  • Commissioning Date: 2266

Created by the Saladin/Hermes Design Project during the 2260s, the Hermes-class ship is virtually identical to the Saladin-class Frigate (lacking only two of its phaser banks and five of its crewmembers). Despite its size, Starfleet classified it as a Scout, and used it in that capacity. Hermes-class ships patrolled borders, conducted reconnaissance during wartime, and performed initial surveys of unexplored systems and sectors. On occasion they also served as command and diplomatic courier vessels.

Noteworthy Vessels/service records/encounters:

  • USS Hermes: NCC-585, prototype;
  • USS Bridger: NCC-591, carefully mapped space near the claimed territory of the Tholian Assembly, both to prevent accidental incursions into Tholian space and to keep vessels from becoming trapped in known interphase pockets (2270-73);
  • USS Aeolus: NCC-588, patrolled Romulan Neutral Zone (2271-73), patrolled borders nearest Klingon space (2274-77);
  • USS Columbia: NCC-621, rendezvoused with USS Revere near Alpha Centauri to perform reconnaissance on V'Ger probe (2271);
  • USS Revere: NCC-595, rendezvoused with USS Columbia near Alpha Centauri to perform reconnaissance on V'Ger probe (2271)
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