Klingon Starships: Escorts

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Starship Classes

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Escorts often provide young Klingon warriors with their first chances to serve the Empire. After a suitable career on an Escort, most Klingons progress to bigger, more powerful ships; a few, however, find that Escort duty suits them, and remain where they are.

Most Klingon Escorts share design elements and systems with Destroyers and Heavy Frigates; in general, Klingons do not use Escorts as testbeds for new design ideas or systems. After all, their primary mission profile - escorting another ship into or through a dangerous area - does not require innovation, it requires proven, durable systems able to get the job done time after time.

During the Dominion War, Escorts protected Federation alliance supply convoys, sometimes using their cloaks to make the convoy appear unprotected so they could surprise attackers. In battle, commanders usually assigned them to defend damaged capital ships from the enemy and buy those ships' crews the time to effect emergency repairs. Standard Klingon Escorts, such as the Drenok class, also served as troop transports when necessary.

The Klingon Escort fleet leans strongly towards Heavy and Destroyer Escorts. Most Klingons consider standard and Light Escorts too fragile and puny for "a true warrior."

Category Classes

  • Bla'koth Class (Heavy)
  • DorHub Class (Heavy)
  • Drenok Class
  • Qlj'tagh Class (Heavy)
  • Vel'taS Class (Destroyer)
  • Ver'graH Class (Destroyer)