Klingon Starships: Destroyers

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Starship Classes

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Destroyers - small, frontiline military ships about the size of a Frigate, but often as heavily armed as a Cruiser (or even a Light Warship) - come in standard and Heavy versions. The Klingons use them as support craft for larger capital vessels (particularly Heavy Warships and Battleships). In peacetime they sometimes function as escorts or patrol ships, but they perform pure combat duties best.

The Dominion War gave Klingon Destroyers (and their crews) a true chance to shine. As the most intense and significant war fought by the Empire during the 24th century (and perhaps ever), it required the utmost effort from every warrior and ship. Since the Empire could build Destroyers more quickly and easily than larger ships, it constructed them by the hundreds and formed entire Destroyer squadrons to bolster formations and support Battleships and Warships. Their combination of firepower and maneuverability allowed the Destroyers to account for far more enemy casualties than they suffered themselves.

Most Klingon Destroyers have a compact design that lacks "wing" pylons, or uses much shorter pylons. Most designs draw the warp nacelles in close to the ship's body, or embed them. All have a minimum of two disruptors and one torpedo launcher.

Category Classes

  • Bach'chunD Class
  • DeSjoH Class
  • Po'gach Class (Heavy)
  • Sompek Class (Heavy)
  • Tro'Qa Class