Klingon Starships: Specialized/Support/Auxiliary

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Starship Classes

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Like every other major spacefaring civilization, the Klingons have a diverse fleet of vessels designed for highly specialized uses (such as scientific surveys or courier duty) or for various support and auxiliary purposes (transports, freighters, shuttles, and the like). In fact, because the Klingons have such a large military, they also have one of the largest support fleets in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Klingon Couriers tend to be heavier and more powerful than Couriers fielded by other species, but their powerful engines require them to sacrifice little of the speed for which such vessels are known. During the Dominion War, Klingon Armed Couriers in particular proved their worth by ferrying messages and personnel between the members of the Federation alliance. Far Couriers sometimes made return journeys to Qo'noS for very important reasons, but due to the distances involved this was rare.

The Empire has fewer Surveyors and Research/Laboratory vessels, both in type and number, than any of the other major galactic civilizations. Though they understand the value of expansion and knowledge, they simply don't appreciate the need for or enjoy exploration as much as the Federation, the Romulans, or the Cardassians do. Few Klingon warriors regard an extended tour on a Surveyor or laboratory ship as anything more than a thinly-disguised reprimand.

Klingon support and auxiliary vessels showed their worth during the Dominion War, when ships like Miliary Freighters, Armored Transports, Occupation Transports, and the ubiquitous SoQa- and Toron-class shuttlecraft proved their ability to withstand more punishment than comparative Federation or Romulan vessels. Without them, the Federation alliance would have found it much more difficult to keep its supply lines open.

Category Classes

  • Denn'ar Class (Armored Transport)
  • Ga'ras Class (Far Courier)
  • Geth'tonn Class (Military Freighter)
  • Ked'Nar Class (Research/Laboratory)
  • Kleg'Ta Class (Surveyor)
  • Neg'lorn Class (Armed Courier)
  • QeD'yuQ Class (Surveyor)
  • SoQa Class (Impulse Shuttle)
  • Ta'SuS Class (Research/Laboratory)
  • Toron Class (Warp Shuttle)
  • Tro'gahl Class (Occupation Transport)
  • Yo'QaH Class (Fleet Tender)