Starship Classes

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Starship Classes

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Throughout the histories of countless worlds and civilizations, there has always been a need for vessels to move beings or cargo, for defense or offense, or for exploration. Primitive cultures would start with land-based vehicles and sea-going vessels. As they advanced they would created vessels that could defy the gravity of their homeworlds and fly through the skies. Eventually, they would create vessels capable of leaving their planet altogether, and they would begin their exploration (or conquest) of the stars.

The evolution of vessels, and perhaps more importantly their purposes, have given rise to countless varieties. Differences in physical appearance, performance, and capabilities have created a vast array of vessel types.

This remains true for starfaring races. The Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Dominion, and hundreds more all developed their own, sometimes unique, classes of starships with which they could explore and expand in the galaxy. The associated menu will allow access to only some of these species, and some of their various starship classes, as an in-depth review of every type and stype created would be far too intensive.