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Starship Classes

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Battleships (may'Duj) are the largest, most powerful ships in the Klingon fleet. The Klingons often organize them into may'Duj ghomey, or "battleship groups." Batleship groups for the core of larger ship formations, anchoring the Klingon lines so enemies cannot pass. Many Klingon commanders use battleships as their flagships, though some (such as General, now Chancellor, Martok) prefer the greater maneuverability of Warships.

Surprisingly, as of 2376 the Klingons have only two types of Battleships in active service: the Negh'Var and Gel'joQ. The former is a unique ship, the Empire's flagship: the ship commanded by the Chancellor (or his designate) should he choose to enter battle. Almost all other Battleships in the Klingon fleet are Gel'joQs, but they performed so well in the Dominion War that many warriors have called for the Empire to build some newer, more powerful types of Battleships. The two proposals currently under consideration are: the Cho'nek class, a ship based on the Gel'joQ but more streamlined and technologically advanced; and the Voodieh class, a ship incorporating design elements from the Negh'Var and various Romulan and Dominion vessels which would be the largest non-unique ship ever built by the Klingon Empire. Adherents of both designs have argued fiercely for them in front of the High Council, but neither the Council nor Chancellor Martok has expressed any preference yet. A third faction wants to phase out the Gel'joQ (an easy task, given wartime losses), build more Negh'Vars, and design an entirely new flagship for the Chancellor using, in part, technology derived from samples obtained from Dominion ships.

Klingon Battleships played a crucial role during the Dominion War, especially during the terrifying period in which only Klingon ships could withstand the Breen energy dissipator. Most large Klingon forces used battleship groups of Gel'joQs as the center point of their main formation, or as the leading edge of attacks designed to punch through the Dominion alliance's strongest defensive lines.

Like other Klingon ships, Battleships have few creature comforts, but compared to most Klingon vessels they seem quite roomy. Many warriors regard a posting to a Battleship as a mark of distinction and a reward for loyal and competent service.

Category Classes

  • Negh'Var Class
  • Gel'joQ Class
  • Mornat Class (retired from general service among most fleets)
  • Cho'nek Class (proposed)
  • Voodieh Class (proposed)