Klingon Ship Classes

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Starship Classes

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Klingons organize their ships into ten classes defined by size, firepower, systems capabilites, and other performance factors. From largest/most powerful to smallest/least powerful (generally speaking), the classes are: Battleships, Warships, Cruisers, Frigates, Fast Attack Ships, Destroyers, Escorts, Scouts, Specialized, and Support/Auxiliary.

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Klingon culture that the Klingons build few ships for exploration, science and research, or similar endeavours. The larger Klingon ships do have some laboratory facilities, of course, but the Klingons always regard such functions as secondary to military missions. Medical vessels are unheard of in the Klingon fleets; the sickbays on Klingon ships are so primitive that injured Klingons usually have to depend as much on their own recuperative powers as the abilities of their ship's doctors.

Klingon Starship Names

Most Klingon ships use the prefix I.K.S (Imperial Klingon Ship), even if they belong to one of the Great House fleets. For reasons of tradition and politics, most Klingon commanders prefer to maintain the fiction that the Emperor ultimately rules them and owns their ships. They do not have registry numbers displayed on their hulls the way Starfleet vessels do, preferring to restrict that information to identification beacons and the like. Ship names are chosen by the ship's designer, commissioner, or first captain, depending upon circumstances and House tradition.

Klingon Starship Classification

  • Battleships
    • examples include the Negh'Var, Gel'joQ, Mornat, Cho'nek, and Voodieh classes
  • Warships
    • examples include the B'rel, Felg'ra, K'mpec, K'Vort, Qethla', Torath, and Vor'cha classes
  • Cruisers
    • examples include the De'nat, DughHegh, Fel'keth, Goralis, Jen'thar, K't'inga, Lotl'eh, Ngapej, Pa'chag, QaDleh, Ro'qul, Tormag, and VodleQ classes
  • Frigates
    • examples include the BaH'reth, HajHal, Kel'var, Qa'cheng, Sa'var, To'beq, and Yotwl classes
  • Fast Attack Ships
    • examples include the A'leth, Brakt, Grendoq, May'nom, Suv'tiS, and Veldak classes
  • Destroyers
    • examples include the Bach'chunD, DeSjoH, Po'gach, Sompek, and Tro'Qa classes
  • Escorts
    • examples include the Bla'koth, DorHub, Drenok, Qlj'tagh, Vel'taS, and Ver'graH classes
  • Scouts
    • examples include the Duq'cha, Krelirax, and Zha'greq classes
  • Specialized/Support/Auxiliary
    • examples include the Denn'lar, Ga'ras, Geth'tonn, Ked'Nar, Kleg'Ta, Neg'lorn, QeD'yuQ, SoQa, Ta'SuS, Toron, Tro'gahl, and Yo'QaH classes