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Captain Robert “Bert” Morgan.

  • Terran/Risan Male, 38 years old.
  • Brown Hair, graying very slightly at the temples.
  • 6’1”, 195 lbs.

“Bert” Morgan was born in Arkansas, the son of a relocated Risan diplomat and his human wife. The young man took almost none of his father’s sensual pleasure-seeking personality. Instead, he began rebelling against his mother’s strong dominance almost from the time he started school. In his teen years, Bert was something of a fighter, getting suspended from school a couple of times and hanging out with somewhat less than desirable elements in the backwoods. However, the Borg attack on Earth of 2367 came just before the young man’s last semester of school. Having dominated the local gangs for a couple of years, Morgan was presented with something that could not just be bullied into submission and he realized that to make a difference beyond just his local racket, he’d have to be stronger… much stronger. The way to do that was Starfleet. He shaped up that last semester and managed to just barely get his grades up enough to be allowed to take the Academy entrance exam, which he did fairly well on, especially considering how much school he had missed over the previous 4 years.

The Academy, as it does to every cadet that goes through, made a huge change in the young Southern boy. His defiant quest for power became instead a personal drive to be better; his anger became internalized and morphed into perfectionism. He needed to be the best at everything and expected the same from those around him.

This mellowed somewhat after graduation and through the junior officer ranks, but that personal drive and expectation of much from others remained. As a new Captain, Morgan is personable, the Southern backwater accent now truly the mark of a gentleman. However, he pushes his crew hard, leading by example because he pushes himself at least twice as hard.

Captain Morgan was played exclusively by Captain Mar during his time as CO of the Ronin, but is now an open NPC.