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Ronin Mission Archive
2379 - 2383: The Years of the Unknown The Phoenix Doesn't Rise · Black Gate · Eye of the Sun
2384 - 2385: In the Year of Our Mar Bounty Hunter · Point of Divergence · Wedded Bliss · Test Run · The Sya-Negan · The Sya-Negan, part II · Cardassians in Wait · The Origins of War · True Intentions · Stranded · Desert Dangers · Destination: Mars · The Case of the Missing Bride
2385 - 2387: Walking in Pastures New Too Little, Too Layte · O What a Tangled Web... · Seen or Unseen
2388 Where the Eagles Dare · Suns of Anarchy
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2379 - 2383: The Years of the Unknown

The Phoenix Doesn't Rise
  • Stardate 237910.28-237912.08
    • The death of an officer instigates a shipwide investigation.
Black Gate
  • Stardate 237912.08-
    • More deaths and attacks reveal the involvement of Black Gate. A wedding is in the works.
Eye of the Sun
  • Stardate 238312.19-238403.01
    • The Ronin is reactivated, and sent back to the Ithassa Region for diplomatic and investigative reasons.

2384 - 2385: In the Year of Our Mar

Bounty Hunter
  • Stardate 238403.01-238404.01
    • The Eye of the Sun is found, but the Ronin isn't the only who wants it.
Point of Divergence
  • Stardate 238404.01-238405.01
    • An interdimensional rift around Deep Space 17 has one officer facing her own death.
Wedded Bliss
  • Stardate 238405.01-238406.16
    • Joint leave on DS17 culminates with an officer's wedding.
Test Run
  • Stardate 238406.16-238407.10
    • A fighter test uncovers a missing officer.
The Sya-Negan
  • Stardate 238407.10-238408.08
    • A damaging subspace rift reveals an unexpected First Contact.
The Sya-Negan, part II
  • Stardate 238408.08-238410.03
    • Covert investigation begins into the sudden technological leap of a First Contact species.
Cardassians in Wait
  • Stardate 238410.03-238412.01
    • A fighter rescue mission is endangered by a Cardassian-laid trap.
The Origins of War
  • Stardate 238412.01-238502.04
    • The Ronin is sent towards Gorn space, and finds a diplomatic crisis in the works.
True Intentions
  • Stardate 238502.04-238504.06
    • A pirate pulls one over on the Ronin, and a Gorn war is averted.
  • Stardate 238504.06-238505.02
    • Three Federation starships are stranded near the Galactic Barrier until an energy entity is revealed.
Desert Dangers
  • Stardate 238505.02-238506.01
    • The Ronin crew, trapped on a desert world, need to survive the deadly predators hunting them.
Destination: Mars
  • Stardate 238506.01-238507.01
    • Introspection and relaxation on a maintenance journey end with a commanding wedding.
The Case of the Missing Bride
  • Stardate 238507.01-238511.04
    • The captain/bride goes missing, and the groom is the prime suspect.

2385 - 2387: Walking in Pastures New

Too Little, Too Layte
  • Stardate 238511.04-238602.13
    • Tensions between new and old crew threaten to halt a mission to remove Federation technology accidentally left on a pre-First Contact world.
O What a Tangled Web...
  • Stardate 238602.13-238607.17
    • Could a pandemic at Wheeler Colony just be a distraction for a Romulan attack?
Seen or Unseen
  • Stardate 238607.17-238703.17
    • An awards ceremony has uninvited guests - Romulans, demanding the extradition of Captain Walker.

Stardate 238703.17: Prequel to the End

"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say: For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"


Where the Eagles Dare
  • Stardate
Suns of Anarchy
  • Stardate
    • The crew of the Ronin is invited as the Starfleet representation to witness a solar eruption known by the Camarians as the Prominence of Peace.