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The Shoals
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Outpost 3 (also known as Coalition Outpost Loa) is a survey station usually located along the Mother Road in the Wuagyl Sector,[1] approximately seven lightyears away from Antor. The station is considered no bigger then a Saber class vessel.[2] In 2394, the Federation included Outpost 3 among other projects in an effort to improve infrastructure within the Shoals[3], and following an attack on it's first iteration, the purpose of the outpost shifted from studying the Mother Road's tetryon conditions to circumventing tetryon fields to allow for clearer communications within the Shoals.



Initially home to civilian surveyors tracking the movements of the Mother Road, the outpost was attacked by a band of Klingon pirates in June, 2394, resulting in the death of most of it's small civilian and Starfleet compliment. Due to it's joint Coalition-Starfleet ownership, surrounding Marshal and Starfleet services were uncertain whom was to respond to the emergency. Finally, a single Starfleet Ranger rescued the sole survivor, whom had been forced to wait ten days on the crippled station, after officers on the Star Station Esperance asked her to investigate when the outpost missed it's coms deadline.[4]

Left unattended and without repair for months, the station began to collapse in on itself. When it's civilian repair crew (headed by Molly Ashaba) finally arrived, the station was no longer habitable.[5] It took approximately 57 days before crews were able to work safely on the bottom two decks and the outpost was finally able to maintain it's position in space without assistance from the SS Jerico. In 239411, much of the station was being held together by parts pulled from a single Starfleet shuttle and whatever parts or equipment is on the Jerico.[6]

The outpost was almost declared an official loss (as time and resources used rebuilding Outpost 3 could have likely build a new outpost altogether) when felicium was found stowed in a push compartment. Crew members of the USS Veritas were assigned to investigate.[7]


Upon arrival to the station, the Starfleet compliment of the repair team made the decision to alter it's design due to safety concerns. Considerable changes include moving the shuttle bay (which was originally located on the control deck) to deck 5, and the addition of defense systems.[5]

  • Control deck
  • Deck 2 - crew deck
  • Deck 3 - computer core, science stations[8]
  • Deck 4 - sensor mainframe[7], communications array
  • Deck 5 - cargo compartments, shuttle bay
  • Deck 6 - defense and propulsion systems [6]


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