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Oumuamua Simmer Guide


Oumuamua Simmer Guide

1: Expectations
2: The Lists
3: Formatting Your Sims
  • II: Oumuamua 101
4: The Setting
5: The Ship
6: The Crew
  • III: Operating Procedures
7: Staff
8: Missions
9: Shoreleave
10: Mission Proposals
  • IV: Beyond the Basics
11: Promotions
12: OOC Activities
13: Mentoring

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The Setting

Oumuamua is currently assigned to the Gamma Quadrant and operates in regions not too far from that terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole. After the war, the Dominion retreated back within itself and has ceased to be a major power in the region. Recently the emergence of a United Dominion of Planets (UDP) has again shifted the balance of power adding new species to its alliance, such as the Zet. After the experiences of the USS Thor, Starfleet has been cautiously balancing its influence and power in the region.

Mission Space

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REV SD 240001.21