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Oumuamua Simmer Guide


Oumuamua Simmer Guide

1: Expectations
2: The Lists
3: Formatting Your Sims
  • II: Oumuamua 101
4: The Setting
5: The Ship
6: The Crew
  • III: Operating Procedures
7: Staff
8: Missions
9: Shoreleave
10: Mission Proposals
  • IV: Beyond the Basics
11: Promotions
12: OOC Activities
13: Mentoring

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All graduates from the Starbase 118 Academy will be assigned a mentor on arrival aboard the USS Oumuamua.

Mentor Duties

The responsibility of a mentor is to act as first point of contact for a new player, to help them to settle in with the crew and to take an active interest in ensuring that they meet all of the requirements for promotion, providing support where necessary. A mentor should email with their mentee every 7 to 10 days for the mentee's first mission, and then decide on a check-in schedule that works for both.

Once a mentee is promoted to lieutenant JG, mentoring check-ins will occur even less frequently. The mentor-mentee relationship is considered officially completed when the mentee is promoted to full lieutenant, though of course the mentee should feel free to continue to ask for guidance and advice from their former mentor.

In many cases, new arrivals may be self-sufficient, in which case their mentors may be in contact on a less frequent basis. Mentors may also be assigned to other writers with a specific need or interest.

Becoming a Mentor

All members who are part of the 'Oumuamua staff group are expected to participate in the mentoring program as a mentor. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the command staff.

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