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Oumuamua Simmer Guide


Oumuamua Simmer Guide

1: Expectations
2: The Lists
3: Formatting Your Sims
  • II: Oumuamua 101
4: The Setting
5: The Ship
6: The Crew
  • III: Operating Procedures
7: Staff
8: Missions
9: Shoreleave
10: Mission Proposals
  • IV: Beyond the Basics
11: Promotions
12: OOC Activities
13: Mentoring

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Starfleet officers assigned to the 'Oumuamua wear uniforms displaying the color of their division:

  • Red: Command Division - CO, XO, Diplomacy, Helm (Flight Control), Administrative duties
  • Gold: Operations Division - Ops, Engineering, Security/Tactical
  • Blue: Sciences Division - Science, Medical, Counseling
  • Black: Intelligence Division - Intelligence Officers, Aides
  • Green: Marines Division - Marine Officers

The Starfleet combadge and uniform worn on the 'Oumuamua is the standard duty uniform used in 2399.

2390s-combadge.png Uniform-Red-2399.png Uniform-Gold-2399.png Uniform-Blue-2399.png
2399 combadge 2399 uniforms

The Crew

NPC Listing   ·   USS Oumuamua Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Commodore Ossa.png
Commanding Ofc.
Ossa V'Airu
Etan iljor commander.png
Executive Ofc.
Etan Iljor
Katsim Peri LCDR.png
Chief Sci. Ofc.
Katsim Peri
Science Ofc.
Alexander Brodie
Toz LtJG.png
Medical Officer
Avander Promontory LCDR.png
Intel. Officer
Avander Promontory
Josh Herrick.png
Act. Chf. Eng. Ofc.
Josh Herrick
Toxin Arlill LT.png
Act. Chf. Ops. Ofc.
Toxin Arlill
Lhandon Nilsen Ensign OEB.png
H/C/O Officer
Lhandon Nilsen
Aine Sherlock LCDR.png
Sec. Officer
Aine Sherlock
Wes Greaves LtCol.png
Marine Det. Cdr.
Wes Greaves
Arturo Maxwell 2nd Lt.png
Marine Ofc.
Arturo Maxwell
USS 'Oumuamua-logo.png
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Junior Officers

Junior Officers (Ensigns and Lieutenant Junior Grades) along with the enlisted do not generally have their own rooms aboard the 'Oumuamua. However, there are a number of activities that they are involved in, possibly without the knowledge of the senior staff, such as Oumuamua Bingo and the Junior Officer Protection Association.

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