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This is the chronological history of missions for the USS Thor.

Year 2397

The Lost Colony
  • First Season, Episode 1: Stardate 239704.19 - 239706.06
    • An entire solar system lost in 2164 reappears. Will the Thor be able to get to the bottom of the mystery before it disappears for another two centuries?
Shoreleave1 cua.png
Shore leave: Ferenginar
  • First Season, Shore leave 1: Stardate 239706.06 -239707.03
    • Races, whale watching and Ferengi trickery.
Hammerfall square.png
  • First Season, Episode 2: Stardate 239707.03 - 239708.15
    • The USS Thor is hit by an unknown object while in QSD.
Shoreleave2 cua.png
Shore leave: DS9
  • First Season, Shore leave 2: Stardate 239708.15 - 239709.20
    • The USS Thor limps to Deep Space 9 to undergo significant repairs and allow the crew to lick their wounds.
Stick-of-Butter square.png
Stick of Butter, Dozen Eggs & A Liter of Moba juice
  • First Season, Episode 3: Stardate 239709.20 — 239711.27
    • What in appearance was a simple milk run to boost crew morale and self-confidence turned out to be an unexpected mission.
Thor Shore Leave 3 Thumb.png
Shore leave: New (New) Bajor
  • First Season, Shore leave 3: Stardate 239711.27 - 239801.05
    • Sailing seas, visits to old friends and pranks.

Year 2398

Cost of Forever Square.png
The Cost of Forever
  • Second Season, Episode 1: Stardate 239801.05 - 239803.01
    • While the USS Thor prepares to leave New Bajor/the Gamma Quadrant, it receives a faint distress call on an unusual frequency at the edge of its range.
Thor Shore Leave 4 Thumb.png
Shore leave: Vulcan
  • Second Season, Shore leave 1: Stardate 239803.01 - 239804.14
    • The Thor takes the Zet refugees to Vulcan, while bringing the data collected from that alien civilization back to the VSA. At the same time, some crew members deal with the problems they left behind.
Fallen Sword Thumb.png
The Fallen Sword
  • Second Season, Episode 2: Stardate 239804.14 - 239806.10
    • While en route to explore a mysterious stellar event, the USS Thor receives a distress signal from the USS Excalibur, which was officially lost during the Federation-Klingon War in 2256. Intrigued by the mysterious signal from the past, the crew will find themselves in the middle of a mythical and epic conflict they never anticipated. ....
Thor Shore Leave 5 Thumb.png
Shore leave: Cardassia
  • Second Season, Shore leave 2: Stardate 239806.10 - 239807.14
    • The Thor travels to Cardassia, however all everything on the planet is as it seems.
Mugato Bunnicorn thumb.png
The Mugato and the Bunnicorn
  • Second Season, Episode 3: Stardate 239807.14 - 239808.31
    • When Commodore Kells is recalled to Starbase 118 for a competency review board, the USS Thor is ordered to undergo combat training against one of the fleet's newest ship: The USS Nashira.
Thor Shore Leave 6 thumb.png
Shore leave: Starbase 375
  • Second Season, Shore leave 3: Stardate 239809.01 - Present
    • After repairs sustained during tactical exercises, the USS Thor retires to Starbase 375 for repair, rest, and recuperation. Little do they know that the former crew of the USS Veritas need a ride to the Delta Quadrant...

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Aron Kells.png
Commanding Ofc.
Aron Kells
Executive Officer
Geoffrey Teller
Alexander Brodie
Peri portrait.png
Science Officer
Katsim Peri
Kizanna Reid LtJG.png
Science Officer
Kizanna Reid
Marine Det Cdr
Wes Greaves
Ben Garcia 2.png
Chief of Ops
Ben Garcia
Kammus Corelli-Ensign.png
Engineering Officer
Kammus Corelli
Ens Richards thor.png
Security Officer
Anton Richards
Security Officer
Dar Elandra
Security Officer
Kryn Samuels
Tactical Officer
Jaxon Fargo
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