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The Gaea Region

Stellar Cartography

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The Gaea Region is located in the Gamma Quadrant in a largely unexplored area of space. It borders Dominion space and the former territory of the ancient civilization the Hur’Q. The Gaea Region is accessed using the Typhon Wormhole located in the Beta Quadrant in the Typhon Expanse near the Duronis Sector. The Gamma quadrant entrance to the Bajoran wormhole is approximately 5000 light years away from the Gaea Region. However, Hyperion Station is being built at the edge of the Gaia Region to provide a safe place for Federation Quantum Slipstream capable vessels to cool-down their drives in between the Bajoran and Typhon wormholes. This allows the Federation to safely travel between the Federation territory around New Bajor and the Gaea Region.

The Gaea System was originally discovered by the USS Defiant. The fourth planet in its system is an M Class planet encased in a quantum energy barrier, known to cause severe temporal displacement. However, using the same technology behind Typhon Shielding the barrier around Gaea IV can be neutralized and traversed safely. The newly refitted USS Phoenix-C is tasked with policing and protecting the Typhon Wormhole, exploring new worlds and civilizations, finding new allies and to gather intelligence on The Dominion and any other possible threats.

The Gaea Region is separated into 25 sectors, as shown in the map below. Each sector takes approximately 400 light years to cross, making the entire Gaea region 2000 light years across and wide. This would be an impossible area to cover with current warp technology, fortunately the USS Phoenix-C has been equipped with Starfleet’s very latest in Quantum Slipstream technology.

Allied Forces and the Allied Shield

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The Allied Shield refers to the joint effort of Allied Forces (Cenobians, Kendians, Gavarians and Teplans) that keeps the Dominion out of the Gaea Region of space. This buffer zone is nearly a century old and has kept the planet Gaea and now the newly discovered Typhon Wormhole safe and untouched by Dominion forces. The Changeling's efforts to infiltrate the Allied Forces has been made impossible because the Gavarians have an innate ability to identify Changelings.

The Jenkata Nebula also provides a natural element to the Allied Sheild by helping to distort communications, sensors and signals making the region extremely difficult for the Dominion to gather any real intelligence or sensor data on. Conversely, it makes it equally difficult for Allied Forces to penetrate the the nebula with their own long-range sensors into Dominion space.