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Amity Outpost
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Olidra Fog
Position Medical Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Bolian
Gender Female
DOB 237011.03
Age 30
Birthplace Bolarus IX

Ensign Olidra Fog is a medical officer aboard Amity Outpost.


  • Full Name: Olidra Fog
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Bolian
  • Date of Birth: 237011.03
  • Place of Birth: Bolarus IX
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: See T/E Rating System


  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 65kg.
  • Hair Color: Bold
  • Eye Color: Green


  • Spouse: no
  • Children: not yet, but someday maybe
  • Parents
    • Father: Azetani Fog
    • Mother: Depondra Fog
  • Siblings:
    • Dorindra Fog (younger sister)


CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY: Olidra was born on Bolarus IX. Her father was an architect, her mother was a professor. Both her parents had done well in life, and Olidra always felt she had to live up to them. She once witnessed a mission done by Starfleet officers and she was in awe of the way they handled the situation. It was this, more than anything, that made her decide to join Starfleet. Not only to impress her parents but also to accomplish something and to become useful. Her parents were against Olidra joining Starfleet at first. They felt Olidra could contribute much more to Bolian society by becoming a scholar or a teacher. In the end, her parents agreed to let her go to the academy. During her time at the academy, Olidra did well. She found she could study well, and her grades were fine, but she did feel a little lonely. Part of this was because she found it difficult to make contact with new people. She tended to be shy around new situations and new people.

In the end, she made very few friends at the academy. There was one person she became close to, an unjoined Trill, named Devron. She even started to develop romantic feelings towards him, but in the end, they grew apart when Devron made other friends and fell in love with someone else.

Olidra loved the academic parts of the academy, studying and reading and learning were things she was good at. She didn't care too much for the practical side of things. She was just about to quit the academy when she came in contact with a professor in xenobiology. This professor was a true mentor to her and he coached her during the more difficult parts of the academy. In the end, maybe because of the professor, she realized she liked medicine. She realized that by becoming a doctor people would come to her, rather than she having to go to them. She also liked the challenging puzzles it brought, solving mysteries.

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