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Alan Lyes

"Is fearr an tsláinte ná na táinte."

Date of Birth: 7th February 1994
Birthplace: Cork, Ireland
Occupation: Student
Studying: Digital Media

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Real Life Information


My name is Alan Lyes. I was born and raised in the south of Ireland in a county known as Cork. I am currently studying in the City here. I am studying Digital Media. This course is very suited to me, it combines my creative skills along with my technological skills. I do many things, like animation, web design, etc. It's very cool stuff. Although it does keep me on my toes.


I am artistic, so I enjoy drawing, designing, working in photoshop or any other adobe products. I am constantly trying to try new things and I love just being able to express myself through art.

I am very musical, always have been. I play Piano mainly, but I also play some Flute, Saxophone, Bass and Drums to a lesser degree. I do also play some Irish traditional instruments too, mainly the Tin Whistle. It's a small and cheap instrument but it is very easy to learn. I'm hoping to expand my musical skills and learn violin/fiddle and guitar.


I studied music while I was in my secondary education to the highest I could go in that area. I also learned about composing and the history of music, this gave me a great taste for the theoretical side and opened me up to a lot of styles in music I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

Also with music I studied Art to the same standard, also learning the History of Art. This was all specific to European Art, and to an even higher level Irish art. Dating from prehistoric times up til now. I did however have the opportunity to learn about my own interests in art during these classes. It was the appreciation side, but I learnt a lot about interior design and film from this.

This brought out a deeper love for film that was inside me all along. I explored the way film is made and a small bit about it's history. This is influencing my education greatly now as I have the opportunity to go and study Film and Screen Media after community college. Along with this I could also study a language.

I love culture and history. I love to read about different people and where they come from. I'm constantly expanding my knowledge of the world all the time and I love it. It gave me a deep love for language and noticing how beautiful it is to speak another language. Coming from a country which speaks two, it was already there anyway. In Ireland, English and Irish (properly called; Gaeilge) is spoken. Mainly English though, which I think is a shame, because Gaeilge is a beautiful celtic language that I'm happy to have been brought up with.

While in school I studied French, it too is an amazing language and made me want to learn more. So I started to look at Japanese and Spanish. I really want to travel the world someday and when I do I want to be able to converse and learn from these people. So my personal studies of culture and language will never stop.


I love to read, write, listen to all music, watch tv, watch films, hang out with my friends and just have a good time.

I enjoy reading books which are horror, sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy... stuff like that. I like a lot of action in my books that I read but I do like some of the romantic stuff to, like The Notebook or PS. I Love You for example. My taste varies in everything, music, food, film. I'm just a very versatile person.

Film and Tv is the same as the book.

Sports; I like to swim, walk, hike (Ireland is full of hills and mountains). I even find going to the gym relaxing, something I wouldn't have when I was a bit younger.

I don't think there's much left to know about me, I'm very friendly and very connected with myself. I am very spiritual and enjoy looking on the brighter things in life, even if I do obsess with horror too much.

Roleplay Experience

Harry Potter Roleplay

Five years I have been roleplaying, this all started with Harry Potter. I had just finished reading the books and I was absolutely obsessed (I still am). I wanted more though, so I went in search of Harry Potter websites. I then found a community online which turned out to be forum roleplays. I was 15 at the time, so it was pretty exciting. I doubted myself as a writer however.

I joined and I became a Ravenclaw (my favorite house). I did Harry Potter roleplay for more than four years after that, on and off mostly.

My character was really special to me, and I enjoyed creating characters from then on. It gave me a good way to look at story lines and how to make them interesting, inside potter world anyway. My character was a seer and had a love for divination, eventually she went onto be a Professor or Divination and I got to teach actual classes. Although I may have taken myself a bit too seriously, having written a syllabus and everything. Although my current Project Management tutor is always commenting on how I should be teaching, maybe someday.

So this is where my roleplaying experience started; Harry Potter.

Other Roleplays

After the Harry Potter roleplay, I became increasingly interested in what other roleplays I could find. I mean I just found out I could do this. I didn't even know about fan fiction either. It was amazing to me. I found other roleplays, stuff like supernatural/urban type of things. A lot of stuff that was really interesting. Even a Song of Ice and Fire one... it was like a new world opened up to me. But then I found another; Star Trek Roleplay.

How I came to SB118

Star Trek was a growing obsession of mine the past few years, it was like Harry Potter all over again. Eventually I decided I would look for a Star Trek roleplay. I typed those exact words into Google, and up popped a site known as "UFS: Star Base 118". I was really intrigued. Especially when I saw the words; "Play By Email". It was like a world inside a world of rp. Inception took over and I signed up!

I was so anxious to get started, especially when I signed up just as a training mission started. That was the longest week of my life. But what came after really changed me. I entered into a wonderful community full of even more wonderful people. I gained many new friends here and I would never regret joining. After being here since 2011, I am looking forward to many more years.

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