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USS Garuda
Kotir Arith.jpg
Lieutenant (JG) Kotir Arith

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Date of Birth: 236410.25
Species: Bajoran
Current Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Position: Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Garuda
About The Writer

  • Note: These are the Personal Logs of Kotir Arith, not his bio page. Please see here for bio.

Ensign Kotir Arith is a Bajoran doctor. After facing a hard time throughout his life due to the occupation of Bajor by the Cardassian people, he joned Starfleet. He currently serves as a Medical Officer aboard the USS Mercury under the command of Captain Aron Kells.

His path will take him on a long journey and help him overcome his past, and eventually help him rediscover his spiritual path so he can find true enlightenment his life and career. Even more importantly, for his people.

USS Mercury: 239004 - Present

Shore Leave at DSX: 239004

Stardate 239004.03:

Personal Log. Stardate: 239004.03

I have recently boarded the newly discovered Deep Space 10. I've heard stories of its finding and the USS Mercury while I was on Bajor. I shall soon hope to see if it lives up to its reputation.

I was surprised to find out I was going to be assigned to the USS Mercury. Although, I hope my decision to return to Starfleet was not in vein. I worry about my people. Our planet, our existence and even our own being is rebuilding yet, I feel I am on the other side of the universe doing nothing to help. But it just feels right to come back to Starfleet. But then again my `right feelings' never did come out for the best, did they?

-He sighs-

I've been reading about my new Commanding Officer. Captain Aron Kells. 35 years old and human. He interests me. Even though I am used to Humans by now after spending the past few years with them. I did however hear the commanding officer for this station, Deep Space 10, is a Laudean. I sure hope there isn't many on the Mercury. My knowledge of them is far less than that of Humans and the Bajora. Although as a man of Medicine, I should really keep on my toes about that.

It's strange. Here I am, in Starfleet. Never before did I think I would even leave Bajor, let alone work for the Federation. I just hope my small journey back to Bajor hasn't tarnished my understanding of Starfleet regulation.

-There is a soft chuckle-

Don't think my new Commander would be too impressed if that was the case. I'd probably be on a ship back to Bajor faster than it would to introduce myself. Although, at this point that is taking awhile.

I hear they're away on a mission. I am anxious to get started but then again, I just have to wait. First thing on my list is to find out what I'm going to be dealing with for the times to come. I sure hope they aren't arrogant people. Rumors spread all over the quadrant that I never know what to believe. That is until I see it myself.

-There is a short pause-

Computer. End log.