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File:Galaxy's Okayest Klingon.png|Alieth gave Ikaia this shirt once. He still holds on to it and has been known to wear it.
File:Galaxy's Okayest Klingon.png|Alieth gave Ikaia this shirt once. He still holds on to it and has been known to wear it.
File:IkaiaPJs.png|Ikaia being woken up on the USS Baikal during the Endeavour Five mission!
File:IkaiaPJs.png|Ikaia being woken up on the USS Baikal during the Endeavour Five mission!
File:Ikaia Wong ID.png|thumb|Ikaia Wong's Starfleet ID
File:Ikaia Wong ID.png|Ikaia Wong's Starfleet ID
File:IkaiasCoffee.png|Ikaia drinking his first cup of coffee in the morning
File:IkaiaNosePinch.png|Ikaia's famous nose pinch of frustration!

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“With God as my witness, I swear on my name and my life, that I shall do no harm, that I shall place the saving of life and easing of suffering above self, above family, that my duty is not to my people, or to my nation, but to all of humanity.”

Version of the Hippocratic Oath

Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong, a Klingon, is currently a physician assistant aboard the USS Veritas.

USS Veritas
Ikaia Wong
Position Physician Assistant
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Klingon
Gender Male
DOB 237308.21
Age 25
Birthplace Unknown (Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii)

Ikaia Wong/Medical Record

Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons MedalOfFreedom 2011.jpg
Vega Award.png
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Innovation Ribbon
Explorer's Ribbon
First Contact Ribbon
Diplomacy Ribbon
UFP Medal of Freedom
Vega Award
Scotty Cross

Awards Ceremony Nominator Elite
Badge 1.png
Chat Trivia Participant
Badge 1.png
Commemorative Coins
Per Aspera Ad Astra Commemorative Coin.png


  • Full Name: Ikaia Wong
  • Pronounced: Ee-kay-ah W-aw-ng
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Race: Klingon
  • Date of Birth: 237308.21 - 24yrs (real birth date unknown)
  • Place of Birth: Unknown. Grew up in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T0/E0


  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde (in a man-bun)
  • Eye Color: Brown


  • Spouse: N/A
  • Children: N/A
  • Parents
    • Father: Haru Wong (Née Takashi)
    • Mother: Dr. Lily Wong
  • Siblings: Alanna Wong (31), Kai Wong (20)


Ikaia Wong doesn’t know his bio parents and never grew up in a Klingon family or surrounded by Klingon culture. Instead he was adopted by the Wongs, his human family. The middle child of three children, Ikaia grew up surrounded by a loving family in Honolulu. He was a quiet and curious child who was interested in the world around him and why it was the way it was. He often liked exploring Hawaii’s many beaches or visiting his Aunt Niko’s alpaca farm on Moloka’i where he would eventually work during the summers in his teens. Eventually, he would follow his mother, a doctor and lifelong influence, into Starfleet to pursue medicine.

One of Ikaia’s side projects he worked on while at the Starfleet Academy is his own emergency medical hologram. He was inspired by the work his father did in the field of programming. Although the hologram is more of an extracurricular hobby, Ikaia is proud of his work. However, he says it’s still glitchy and tends to “get a bit weird if you leave it on for too long” according to him.

Currently, he is serving on board the USS Veritas managing the Sickbay and is actively working towards becoming CMO for his ship.

  1. 239711.02: Placed aboard USS Veritas.
  2. 239804.01: Promoted to Lieutenant JG on the USS Veritas.


Ikaia is generally a friendly, polite and affable sort of person who cares deeply for those around him and under his care. He is a driven individual who is willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect a patient. Although, Ikaia does have a nervous streak to him.


Swimming, hula, origami, programming, making music, tai chi, yoga, reading, surfing

Quirks and trivia

  • Has a preference for seafood
  • When he was 5, he accidentally dropped a knife on his little toe while playing in his dad's kitchen which severed the toe. It was, however, reattached. Ikaia has never regained full flexibility of his toe. There is a scar around the circumference of that toe.
  • Tends to get motion sick. Had a love-hate relationship with roller coasters growing up. Smaller space craft have a tendency to make him space sick.
  • Can speak fluent English, Hawaiian, Japanese and Chinese. Ironically, he cannot speak Klingon.
  • While he never swore in English at his time in the Academy, he did get around the language policy by swearing in Hawaiian for the rare times that he did swear. He got away with this for two years and three months until someone actually translated what was being said.
  • Ikaia's hologram looks like an idealized version of himself. It also sports a very fantastic full Klingon goatee! It's one of the hologram's most impressive visual features.
  • In high school, Ikaia had a part-time job as a lifeguard on one of Oahu's beaches. During the summers, he worked on Moloka'i on his aunt's alpaca farm.
  • He really does have a mug that says "Galaxy's Okayest Klingon." He also has a shirt as part of his sleepwear that says "I fix stupid."
  • When Ikaia was 2 years old, he learned the hard way how fragile humans are in comparison to him when fellow classmate, Timmy Winters, took away one of Ikaia's toys. He body checked Timmy into a wall when shouting at him didn't work. Timmy walked out of the situation with two broken ribs and a fractured arm. However, in elementary school, they did eventually become friends. He has remained friends with Tim Winters to this very day.
  • Two major things Ikaia brought on the Veritas with him is a very well cared for aloe plant and a keytar.
  • Ikaia and his siblings once tried to form a band called "The Long Wong Silvers." His sister was the guitarist, Ikaia handled keyboards, and his brother was the drummer. It did not go well when it was decided his brother would be the lead singer.
  • Ikaia owns a pair of alpaca wool socks that was given to him by his aunt. They're his LUCKY alpaca wool socks.
  • In his time at the Academy, he was attacked by a tribble programmed into a simulation as a prank. He did not find it hilarious.
  • During his time at Aunt Niko's alpaca farm, Ikaia has raised a few of the animals himself including an alpaca he named "Lolipop." (He picked the name.) One of his pairs of alpaca wool socks is made from her wool!
  • If you asked him what his favourite sweet thing is, it's cinnamon chocolate and chocolate hazelnut spread. He'll eat it DIRECTLY from the jar.
  • Usually, he drinks one or two cups of coffee in a day. You know he's tired if he's having two cups in the morning. Usually, it's two cups these days. It has resulted in an increased caffeine tolerance.
  • One of his favourite foods as a child is something he liked to call "The Dancing Squid." It's actually known as Katsu ika odori-don. Not only did it taste good, the dancing made him smile!
  • He has his own social media accounts where he makes videos about health advice, positivity, funny or something really light hearted.
  • Ikaia has very soft and silky hair. If you're really nice to him and he's in a very good mood, he may let you braid it. Just please use clean hands! His sister, Alanna, used to play with his hair or braid it for him when he was growing up.
  • He's terrible at lying under pressure. Instead of the lie collapsing upon itself, the lie just happens to get bigger and far more elaborate as time goes on. The issue comes from his need to fill in the dead air in the middle of these situations and he starts to babble. In general, Ikaia hates lying.
  • Ikaia is demisexual. The gender of a potential partner doesn't matter. However, their mind and personality does. He enjoys being romantic!
  • Ikaia's room number on the Veritas is 03-1122.
  • He also HATES taking sick days. Especially on conditions he knows he isn't contagious. He always wants to be helpful in any way he can. This, of course, makes him a terrible patient.
  • Tends to use the word "actually" a lot. It so much so his verbal tic that Kallo Ver has made it his nickname.
  • Has been known to write fanfiction. But he's super embarrassed about it. He usually won't let you read it.
  • Ikaia has two favourite foods he likes to eat when he's sick - rice porridge is one of his usual go-to meals. The other came from his time around Vulcans at the Starfleet Medical Academy - plomeek soup. He finds it easier on his stomachs when he's sick.


  • Name: "Holokaia" Project Hippocrates
  • Program Type: Experimental EMH
  • Current Build: Version 1.379 (Kanaloa Build) Revision 4170

Holokaia is the emergency medical hologram that Ikaia is currently working on. He has worked on this for four years as a side project which he has built himself from the ground up. His father, a programmer, is quite proud of Ikaia's work so far as it is a very ambitious project.

One of Holokaia's most recent field tests had him engaging in diplomacy with an alien AI. Thanks to his ability to accept new libraries into his programming, he has proven to be adaptable and flexible. Recent updates to Holokaia's program in order to make him more stable were created an implemented as a team effort by Scotty Reade and Ikaia.

Time on the USS Veritas

November 2397

January 2398

March 2398

April 2398

  • 239804.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG

June 2398

July 2398

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 239711.02 - 239804.01 USS Veritas Physician Assistant
Lieutenant JG 239804.01 - Present USS Veritas Physician Assistant

Ribbons, Achievements and Awards

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Vega Award.png
Vega Award 239806.27
USS Veritas
Awarded to those who bring the worlds of their crews to life with art, videos, and all kinds of artistic endeavours.

Presented by Roshanara Rahman

Thanks to Ikaia Wong, I now know what Rahman, Blake, and other members of the crew look like in animated form, “Lower Decks” style! S4RK, the writer for Wong, is a talented artist, and the fleet is lucky to have him as part of the Image Collective, the team tasked with fulfilling avatar requests and providing other graphics to bring characters, locations, and missions/events that are simmed to life.

As one of his fellow Image Collective team members wrote in their nomination for him, “I keep seeing the work that Ikaia puts out, their drawings, artwork, avatars and species images are just brilliant. Their art style is wonderful and loved by many in the fleet and is definitely an enrichment to the game!”

Here on Veritas, S4RK’s art and videos are often whimsical and help boost the crew’s morale. One of his fellow shipmates wrote that he “is an amazing artist who is always eager to share his talents with the crew for the fun and amusement of all. I absolutely love what he shares with us.”

They then cited these two videos as evidence (exhibit A° and exhibit B•) and concluded, “I don't need to say much more.”

I agree. For all the wonderful art and videos you’ve given us since you joined our crew, thank you, S4RK. It is my pleasure to award you the inaugural Vega Award for this crew!

Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Scotty Cross 239806.27
USS Veritas
Given to an officer who shows extreme creativity while solving a plot dilemma or in-character plot twist.

Presented by Sky Blake

One of the defining skills of simming is "yes, and.” Ikaia Wong's writer S4RK has tonnes of it to give. Their nominators gave mention to many plot twists or instances of creativity.

From riding a bike to distract two vicious tigers from attacking the crew and citizens of Donova IV (the event recited most often by nominators) to using holograms to clone someone, preventing their capture by Klingon boarding parties, S4RK has never ceased to surprise and delight us all with what he comes up with.

These inventive scenarios take the best S4RK has to offer, maintaining a creative compromise with situations presented by his fellow simmers, and resulting in some of the most memorable moments in recent Veritas history. Congratulations, S4RK, on earning this year’s Scotty Cross!

Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239711.02
USS Centris-A
Starfleet Academy Graduate
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239801.13
USS Veritas
"Starfleet officers are often called upon to think outside of the box. You've demonstrated that capacity for "original thinking" by repurposing your self-made medical hologram to interface with the alien AI on that asteroid." - Captain Roshanara Rahman
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239801.13
USS Veritas
For the discovery of a new species and their home on the asteroid
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239801.13
USS Veritas
For making initial contact with the species on the asteroid
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon 239804.01
USS Veritas
"For negotiating delicately with the protestors at the Battle of the Bands and keeping the peace" - Captain Roshanara Rahman
Awards ServiceRibbons MedalOfFreedom 2011.jpg
UFP Medal of Freedom 239804.01
USS Veritas
"You demonstrated quick thinking and admirable bravery in the face of such chaos and danger. That was one of the finest acts of gallantry I've ever seen in my twenty-three years in the service." - Captain Roshanara Rahman


Name Ship Posting Relationship Status Comments
Alieth USS Gorkon Good Friends They've known each other since the Academy!
Antero Flynn USS Veritas Friend Met on the Veritas. Both share the love of music and surfing! Participated in Battle of the Bands on Donova together!
BAXTER USS Veritas Acquaintance Met on the Veritas. Ikaia seems to think he's a good robot doggo.
Callistra Navarro USS Veritas Friend Met on the Veritas. Participated in Battle of the Bands on Donova together!
Charlena Vanlith USS Veritas Civil Met on the Veritas. He's still somewhat scared of her. But he IS getting more comfortable around her.
Gabrielle Porchevska USS Veritas Friend/Coworker Met on the Veritas. She's one of his coworkers in the sickbay.
Hannibal Parker USS Veritas Friend/Rivalry Met on the Veritas. Worked together during the asteroid incident and has participated in Battle of the Bands together on Donova. Has agreed to assist Ikaia in his quest to find out about his biological family. However, there has been a recent rift between the two when Ikaia used regulation in order to get Parker to go to his medical appointments.
Kelrod USS Veritas Acquaintance Met on the Veritas. Ikaia doesn't know him very well, yet.
Dr. Lara Knight USS Veritas Coworker Met on the Veritas. Ikaia doesn't know her too well yet. But he has worked with her and they are coworkers in sickbay.
Plica Phyllis USS Veritas Friend/Coworker Met on the Veritas. They work together in sickbay and have met outside of it for coffee.
Roshanara Rahman USS Veritas Ally/Boss Met on the Veritas. Ikaia thinks that she's the chill captain. Or at least in comparison to other captains he's seen or heard about. Seems to have good advice.
Sky Blake USS Veritas Ally/Boss Met on the Veritas. Ikaia knows that pulling a fast one on her is tough to do. He learned this the hard way when he tried to set up a plush tribble prank only to be pranked right back by the commander in that same stroke.
Tristam Core USS Veritas Acquaintance Met on the Veritas. Doesn't know him very well at the moment.
Wil Ukinix USS Veritas Friend Met on the Veritas. Participated in Battle of the Bands together! Ikaia has been known to shadow him at times to learn leadership skills from him.
Zhanyt Lafizatar USS Veritas Acquaintance Met on the Veritas. He's totally okay with her. But ultimately doesn't trust her pet panther-tiger, Khari, though.
Scotty Reade USS Veritas Friends/Roommates Met on the Veritas. Totally seems to understand Ikaia's love of holograms and AIs. They are currently roommates.
Lilith Thorne USS Veritas Civil Met on the Veritas. He's okay working with her. But he DOESN'T trust her. This came about after she left him to his own devices with invading Klingon citing that he (as a pacifist) should have an honour fight with them. This resulted in some hurt feelings and Ikaia absolutely NOT trusting her. That was until Ikaia got some advice from Rahman on how to handle the situation. Right now, Ikaia is not adverse to working with her.
Dr. Charlie Sampi USS Galaxy Boss/Mentor figure As a PA, this is the person that Ikaia reports into. He is his overseeing physician and at times a mentor.
Meidra Sirin USS Resolution Friend Met at the first Medical Officers Support Group meeting. Has also helped her acquire some extra chocolate for her cousin and his friend, Alieth.

Image Gallery


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Roshanara Rahman
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Sky Blake
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Katy Toliver
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Zhanyt Lafizatar
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