Starfleet Medical Campfire Song

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Starfleet Medical Campfire Song

As composed by Ikaia Wong, Geoffrey Teller, and Zhanyt Lafizatar via Discord.

Sung to the melody of The EDF Deploys

We treat the hurt, we treat the ill with everything we learned!

We know it's not lupus, there's no need to be concerned!

Chest compressions, tongue depressions there’s fun to be had!

We're Starfleet Medical!

We treat the burns and mend the wounds and tend to the disease!

With shirts of teal and righteous zeal we'll put your mind at ease!

We're the friendly folks who will patch you up really fast!

We're Starfleet Medical!

Our sickbays are prepared for any medical emergency!

The biobed goes beep, the hypospray goes whoosh!

We’re quick, we’re fast, we’re polite and we act with urgency!

We’re Starfleet Medical!