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((Groznin and Jangs quaters, USS Gorkon))

Groznin walked into his quaters and once again found Jang asleep on the sofa, walk-in over quietly he picked him up and carried him through to his room. Placing him gently down on his bed and again quietly walking out across to his room::
Groznin walked into his room and laid on his bed, he didn’t mean to but he fell asleep::

((Dream, Smith family quarters, DS9))

Groznin nervously walked into the family quaters, he needed to tell his parents that Upex and Apol were dead, he needed to fulfil his blood oath and adopt Jang::

G.Smith: Mum, Dad. Can I talk to you.

F.Smith: sure darling what is it?

His half human half denobulan mother got up from her chair and went over to him. His father just sat there drinking his loatac cider, his mother promoted him before he got up and joined them::

G.Smith: umm, well to start with my application to Starfleet was accepted. I leave In a few months.

R.Smith: that’s wonderful son! Following in my footsteps as a command officer!

F.Smith: yes, quite wonderful.

G.Smith: sorry Dad, I applied to be a Secruity officer..

Groznin knew this would hurt his father and that isn’t even what was supposed to be what his parents would be annoyed at::

R.Smith: excuse me? Since when did you want to be a Secruity Officer. You’ve always wanted to be a command officer! 

G.Smith: no Dad, that’s what you wanted for me.

F.smith: whatever you choose to be we will be proud of you. It’ll do you good to get away from that Upex too. He’s trouble I tell you and so is that son of his!

Groznin wasn’t happy with what his mother had just said, Upex was one of the nicest men there was even if he was Klingon. He knew he’d break his mother’s heart::

G.Smith: actually mother, Upex has died. I’ve just been told. 

R.smith: good. I don’t trust Klingons. With any luck he’ll end up in Gre’thor!

He couldn’t believe what his father had just said, Upex was an honourable Klingon and should be in Sto’vo’kor.::

G.smith: You do know that I have an obligation to adopt Jang now. Don’t you?

F.Smith: No. you don’t. It’s a stupid oath. It doesn’t mean anything.

His mother obviously didn’t understand the importance of Klingon blood oaths. He started to tear up.::

F.Smith: son if you go through with this. We WILL disown you. I’ve lost to many friends to Klingons during the dominion war, who do you choose. Him or us?

R.Smith: So... Groznin. The Klingons are trouble . They won’t accept you. You’re an outsider. You aren’t Klingon. That’s what’s wrong with them. 

He was now in tears, he knew what he had to do, and it killed him inside.::

G.Smith: Mum... Dad... please.

R.Smith: ...

G.Smith: I’m sorry but I have to adoot Jang. I made a blood oath. I have fulfil it.

R.Smith: well then you’re no longer our son. We weren’t going to tell you so you wouldn’t have a chance to say goodbye to Jang but we’ve just been reassigned to the USS Wall Street. We’re leaving in an hour. Since your staying here we’ll go now. Save the trouble later.

F.Smtih: Goodbye Groznin. 

He fell to the floor. Now in tears, his parents left, his father didn’t say goodbye, and he did t see them again, Jang was 9 Groznin was 18. He couldn’t leave him. He had lost all control of his emotions and didn’t know what to do. He stayed there what seemed like hours while the stations counsellors took care of Jang:: 
Groznin was now parentless. With a 9 year old son, who had just lost his parents. He had a lot to learn:: 

((Groznin and Jangs quarters, USS Gorkon))

Groznin woke up, he went and checked on Jang, he was still asleep, he went back to his room and sat at his desk. He thought of the dream he had just had and it made him think of what Commander Reynolds had said. That had probably bought on the dream in the first place. He turned on his view screen and asked the computer the following::

Smith: Computer where are Frexal and Raymond Smith currently stationed, and can I have a subspace communication to them please.

Computer: Frexal and Raymond Smith are currently stationed on the USS Wall Street opening subspace communication...

Groznin sat at his desk, the view screen he had to the side was making contact with the USS Wall Street, the computer told him they were somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant but it was classified as to the specific location. he didn't know what to expect. he hadn't spoke to his parents in almost 5 years. he had so much he wanted to tell them, and show them, but alas he hadn't made contact and they seemed to not care about him or his adopted son. he didn't know what he was going to say, or do. he just wanted to see their faces, hear their voices. even if it was just for a second.::
he wasn't looking at the monitor, he was staring out into the black abyss of space, in the distance he saw a Ferengi trading vessel fly past them, the stars twinkled, and another federation ship left orbit of Trill, he couldn't fully make out the registration but it started NCC-17--. he quickly turned back to the monitor where his mother sat. she looked annoyed, he stopped,l not thinking theyd actually answer.::

G.Smith:  Mother.. I..

F.Smith. What is it Groznin, I'm busy.

His mother hadn't changed much since they last spoke. she was still cross with him for whatever reason.::

G.Smith: mum, I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to tell you that I graduated Starfleet academy and I'm on my first.. well technically second posting, I'm on the Gorkon. under Admiral Reynolds.

he spoke with pride, he was pleased to be serving under the admiral, he liked the admiral. although they'd only met a few times she seemed like a very nice person.::

G.Smith: Would you like to visit some time, you and father.

He wanted so badly for this to happen, he needed  hug from his parents, it had been so long, he was starting to struggle without them in contact. he listened as his mother replied::

F.Smith: Well done... I guess? and the Gorkon? I haven't heard of that vessel. there are so many these days its difficult to keep up with. how are you anyway, might as well ask seen as you're here.

He was taken back that his mother actually cared about how he was... in all honesty he knew she didn't care but he made himself think she did.::

G.Smith: I'm good thank you mum, Jang is good as well, I know you don't care but he is doing very well, in school and just growing up to be a really nice person. where's dad?

His mother completely ignored the remark about Jang, and then it went silent. his mother didn't speak, and he sat there wondering why. eventually she did answer although it was a good reason he wasn't there. it turned out he was a bridge officer, Groznin was overjoyed, it's what his father had always wanted, he was a proud son for those few moments::

F.Smith: He's on the bridge, he got a promotion last year. 

G.Smith that's great, pass on my congratulations.

Again the room went silent, no one said a word, until Groznin heard something.:;


Groznin shoot up in his seat, he looked at his mother as she put a finger to her lips, and looked off screen. He thought to himself did he have  sibling..., why wouldn't they tell him. a thousand and one questions ran through his head. his mother now had her head in her hands::

G.Smith: mum....?

but it was too late, his mother had switched her view screen off and cut the connection. he was now sitting in his room, in shock he had a sibling, a sibling who didn't know he existed, and he didn't know existed. this raised more questions, and probably made things worse between him and his parents.::