House of Upex

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“tuq HoS! tuq Hem!"
"This House Is Strong! This House Is Proud!

Major Members


The House of Upex was a relitivley small house in the empire, it's 4 major members where Upex, his wife Apol, their son Jang and close family friend through under a blood oath, Groznin Smith.

The house was a relativley small house within the Klingon Empire, Upex had a few Assess that he kept secretive that one day Jang will discover when he officially leads the house.

House Upex only had one major feud,it was with the House of Morik, the son of a Rival of Upex's father Morik, who was a rival of Morik's Grandfather, in short the rivalry went back decades. in the year 23__ this rivalry came to a seemed end when Morik sought out the House of Upex and destroyed their vessel when they were travelling on a diplomatic mission, unbeknown to Morik, Jang is still alive, he was left in the care of Groznin Smith while the pair travelled.

When Groznin heard the news through a quick subspace message Apol was able to put out he had to Tell Jang what had happened, Jang was distraught for obvius reasons as he was very young at the time, Groznin started to care for Jang as promised in his blood oath and eventually adopted the young Klingon.

As Jang is too young to run the House and there are no known members alive Groznin is under a temporary leadership given to him from the Klingon empire, while in themselves they are unhappy about a non klingong looking after the house, they respected Groznin for going through and fufiling the blood oath.

A few items from the House are with Groznin & Jang including Upex's Bat'leth, a sash that when he's old enough Jang may start wearing and The house flag, along with some more smaller items.

Groznin and his colleagues are teaching Jang in both federation and Klingon ways to help him make his own choice about his future when he reaches right age.