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Organization Name: Sicarius
Organization Type: Criminal
Founded: 2221
Present Leader: Unknown
Headquarters:: Unknown

Sicarius is a shadow organization that has existed since the 2200s. It is an organization that is dedicated to the principles of strength. Formed by a human named Mida Shayzier, it has been in the middle of many organizations and incidents in known history.

General History

Formed in 2221, Mida Shayzier believed that a great evil would soon descend on the galaxy and that all species must be ready for it. Regarded as a religious teacher with dangerous beliefs, he spent most of his time outside of the Federation. Shayzier beliefs that the weak had to be purged finally came to a conclusion with the slaughter of a small colony of Orgilum IV on the outskirts of known territory.

Shayzier was arrested in 2248 on Trill and handed over to the Klingons who executed months later. This forced the secret society to move underground.

Modern Sicarious

Though all but the highest officials in many governments and intelligence agencies believe the Sicarius died with Shayzier, they continued to thrive, utilizing the resources of many criminal organizations' illegal ventures to finance their mission. It is believed that even the rogue section 31, before its downfall, had something to do with the shadow organization. Very few know of their existence as they prefer to use intermediaries for purchases and operations.

It is believed that not all members of the organization are religious and hold on to the beliefs of the original founder. It is estimated that most who make it into their ranks are there for the prestige or the monetary gain that could come from it. Most members have been handpicked from the ranks of other criminal and governmental organizations. Though no longer considering its ideals religious, Sicarius believes that Shayzier knew of some coming threat and that the galaxy needs it for its survival.

One of the main things that some people who are aware of them do not realize is they are not a shadow government, but an organization that prefers to gently put their resources toward their goals. In essence, they are hard to detect because they use third parties and rarely get involved.

UPDATE: October 2393

In a resounding sweep, Starfleet Intelligence was able to capture an estimated 83% of low ranking Sicarian agents and those in their pay. It is considered a great success for cleaning the Federation out of those responsible for the destruction and subsequent emergency known as the Prometheus Incident[1].

Belief & Tenants

Since the founding was based upon the idea of strength to face an unknown enemy, Sicarius has begun to carry out many different operations to try to "strengthen" the galaxy for the mythical doomsday. From Shayzier's work, there are three tenets that they follow.

  • The whole must be strong, no matter the costs.
  • Unity of the the body is more important than the self.
  • Weakness, in all forms, must be purged.

Organizational Setup

it is believed that Sicarius is setup in a compartmental system where only the leader of a segment knows the identity of other segments. They are broken up in to three branches: the sciences, policies, and defenses. They are ruled over by a small council known as "The Will of Sicarius" or "The Will" for short. The identities and members of these are unknown. Out of the fanatically loyal members, the Will will appoint "Envoys" who are given broad, discretionary powers to act in their name. These agents are feared even among the Sicarius cells as they have been known to clean house if they feel the organization is not acting in the best interests of Sicarius.

  • Policies refers to all members who work in a political, social, or economic role. They usually are responsible for shaping world view and policy down the line that The Will expects them to.
  • Defenses refers to those responsible for defense of the body. It is believed that they have a few dedicated vessels that act as defense, but the majority of this area's membership are agents and mercenaries.
  • Sciences refers to those responsible for all scientific programs that can either improve or remove strength and weakness respectively. It is believed that they are responsible for a few plagues and genetic programs on the black market.


Much like their cells, members of Sicarius are broken up in to specialized tasks that focus on one major priority. In this way, authority and position is easily defined across all cells.

  • Operative: An Operative is the highest ranking Sicarius member that is not a member of the Will. They are fanatically loyal and have given broad powers over members of the organization. Operatives command fear and respect among Sicarius as only the will can overturn their decisions. An Operative's primary goal is to make sure the overall mission is on track and to make sure nothing is interfering with that goal. They are so loyal that they are impossible to turn traitor or informant. This is why they are given such broad powers in the organization.
  • Agent: An Agent is a trusted member who acts like an operative, but is either alone or commands a cell. Agents are given broad powers to complete their tasks and can be either independent or part of an already existing organization. Many ship captains of the small Sicarian fleet hold the rank of agent.
  • Handler: Specialized in cultivating and controlling contacts and informants, they specialize in intimidation and passive aggressive control. They are the connection between the agents and those in their pay.
  • Initiate: An Initiate is a unique item in Sicarian lore that isn't quite a position as it is a state of mind. Sicarius searched the galaxy for children who were malleable and susceptable to indoctrination creating a subserviant group that would be willing to do anything for Sicarious. Anything from companion to taking the blame for anything they are told to. The hardest part to denote them is because they aren't brainwashed by standard practices but were raised in the environment that they would serve Sicarius.[2]
  • Everybody Else: Those who do not fit in the above category could be low ranking Sicarius members or people in their pay. They have different range of motivations from greed, power, to the belief in the Sicarian code. At this level, Sicarius does not care if they do not believe the code or the mission, but expect them to work toward that goal anyhow.

For Intelligence Officers

Sicarius are considered very illusive and most data that is in the possession of Starfleet Intelligence has been marked E-4 to E-6 on the data coding scale. Any contact with any information that may link to Sicarius is to be reported immediately and NO ACTION should be taken without clearance from superiors. The length and depth of their involvement is unknown.

For Commanding Officers

Starfleet Order 230112.12#12 states that in situations where Sicarius has been at least semi-confirmed to be involved, the operation, if not able to be ceased immediately, must be classified Code Black immediately. It is highly advisable to involve your Intelligence officer or mission specialist with correct clearance in the proceedings as soon as viably possible.

Known Associates

Though there are not very many known Sicarius agents, a few have been discovered and data compiled on them.


Military Members

  • Altek - Commander of the Sicarian Destroyer Swallow. IFF Tag S-33234. Encountered by the USS Darwin-A while operating in the Skalur Expanse. Present status unknown.


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